Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Craft A Raft, Part One

ZAA 3655

Here are some images from this past weekend's CRAFTSTRAVAGANZAA in downtown Athens. We got rained on early in the day (and then a couple of times later in the day) on Saturday, but we stuck it out despite some of our items getting soaked and ruined. In the end, we had a really really great sale and met a lot nice people, including several enthusiastic Tofu Baby fans, old friends that we hadn't seen in years, and lots of cute dogs who were out and about taking their owners for a walk:

ZAA 3563

ZAA 3571

ZAA 3573

ZAA 3576

ZAA 3577

The entrance to the BETTY boutique, which enjoyed sharing the cross traffic of shoppers:

ZAA 3605

The HEAVEN AND HELL art car was parked right outside the entrance, helping to draw curious people to the Craftstravaganzaa:

ZAA 3572

ZAA 3575

I made these TOILET PAPER ROLL PEOPLE totally last-minute, the night before the sale...they helped to draw people to our booth:

ZAA 3578

ZAA 3579

ZAA 3581

ZAA 3582

ZAA 3570

We got these Missy-designed ONE-INCH BUTTONS from THE SWEETIE PIE PRESS totally last-minute...I ran by our nearby PO BOX a little after the sale started and lo and behold, a package of freshly minted badges was waiting for us. THANK YOU SO MUCH, BECKY! You helped to save the day:

ZAA 3588

ZAA 3584

ZAA 3583

ZAA 3585

ZAA 3586

ZAA 3567

There was a sudden downpour and suddenly, everyone was rushing to get their items out of the rain. The vendors who did not have tents had the worst time - a lot of them packed up and left right there and then. Some of our items got soaked despite having a tent...and to make matters worse, we were on a bit of an incline, so water started to roll under our tables, soaking the few things we had laying on the ground:

ZAA 3589

ZAA 3590 from Raoul de la Cruz on Vimeo.

We scrambled to move items towards the center of the tent and up onto higher ground. The wind blew the rain sideways and managed to get some of our things wet:

ZAA 3591

ZAA 3598

ZAA 3599

ZAA 3601

Sometimes, passers-by would took shelter under our tent and then did a little shopping while they waited for the rain to subside:

ZAA 3603

ZAA 3606

ZAA 3608

ZAA 3609

Missy talked to Melinda of SATISFACTORY PRINTING...she stayed dry under my umbrella, "PURPLE RAIN":

ZAA 3610

ZAA 3604


eric boogiepop said...

I never heard of that "Never-Ending 8-Hour Shift" zine! What is it and how do I get it?!


Oh, that's my "art" zine...it's just a collection of some of my doodles. I'll hook you up...I still have to send you a Test Pilot tape...

ellafair said...

Hi, Raoul and Missy! Don't know if you remember me, but I purchased a bunch of Raoul's pouches and gave them out at a party I was having (in 2006?). Though that was years ago now, people still tell me they have theirs, and that they love them! I also worked at the SRC with Raoul for a short time. I'm not sure how I found your blog (perhaps via the Tofubaby fan page on Facebook?), but I just wanted to say hi and that I'm glad you're still crafting and together! Your blog is wonderful. :)


Hi Leigh! Of course we remember you...who could forget all those outfits in your closet! Glad to hear that people are still using their pouches...I tell ya, those pouches are my bread and butter...hope all is well with you and happy that you stumbled on our blog. We'll have to find you on the TB fan page and add you to our list of friends now...yay!