Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Magic Bunny

BUNNY 3087

The other day we bought OREO some pink-colored bedding for her "home". I think all the other bunny owners in Athens had the same idea of decorating with festive "easter colors", since we snatched up the very last bag of pink shred. Last week there was tons of it at the local pet store...

BUNNY 3088

BUNNY 3097

We let Oreo out for her daily fun and exercise time on the patio. She ate from Missy's lap and played with the new carrot toy that LAURA & MARK - Oreo's god parents - got for her. Even though it's now a daily occurrence, I still get a kick out of watching Oreo sit on Missy's lap...

BUNNY 3101

BUNNY 3104

BUNNY 3106

BUNNY 3109

BUNNY 3110

BUNNY 3113

BUNNY 3114

BUNNY 3117

BUNNY 3129

BUNNY 3143

BUNNY 3147

BUNNY 3161

Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Wind-Down #49 - Fernbank Edition

PRNTS 3075
(photo of a picture from the photobooth at the Fernbank Museum)

Yesterday, we decided to check out the FERNBANK MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY in Atlanta, Georgia. On the way there, we stopped off at the DEKALB FARMER'S MARKET for a bite to eat and to stock up on groceries. The market is in this humungous warehouse - kinda like a Sam's Club - but it's filled to the brim with all manner of produce and food products from all around the globe. Most of the staff hail from Africa, the carribean, India, and parts inbetween, and the shoppers are even more varied and exotic, adding to the very international feel. It's like the United Nations of farmer's markets, and on any given day, during any given hour, you rub elbows with the entire world. One of the more popular attractions is their eclectic international cafeteria, where you pay by the pound and eat a multi-cultural smorgasbord. Here, Missy and her mom load up on foods that were never meant to go together:

PRNTS 3015

You're not allowed to take pictures in the Dekalb Farmer's Market, but I managed to sneak a few while perusing the many crowded aisles. Missy tries to choose an interesting tea while her dad checks out the big jugs of water:

PRNTS 3017

PRNTS 3020

PRNTS 3019

By the time we get to the Fernbank, Missy is all out of breath from all the walking we did at the market:

PRNTS 3022

PRNTS 3023

The Kuliks do their best DUNG BEETLE impersonation:

PRNTS 3083

PRNTS 3028

PRNTS 3029

PRNTS 3031

PRNTS 3033

PRNTS 3034

I really dug this walking dinosaur skeleton model:

PRNTS 3035 from Raoul de la Cruz on Vimeo.

A prehistoric bird-like creature alights on Missy's finger:

PRNTS 3037

PRNTS 3052

PRNTS 3054

Missy really liked this tiny dinosaur, the TINYSAUR:

PRNTS 3053

The last thing FRED FLINTSTONE saw before his untimely death:

PRNTS 3060

Missy wants to know where the penny smashing machine is:

PRNTS 3064

We visited the FANTASY FOREST and were sorely disappointed:

PRNTS 3069

PRNTS 3071

Missy tried her hand at being a weather reporter...forecast for all you ALLEN CLAPP fans - "100% chance of rain":

PRNTS 3068 from Raoul de la Cruz on Vimeo.

It was more museum than Missy and her mom could stand, so they sat down...and spaced out while Missy's dad messed around in the interactive playroom:

PRNTS 3065

MISSY - Having my wonderful parents visit me!
RAOUL - Dinner at Transmet with Missy's parents was nice...and tasty!
RITA - Getting here!
JOHN - Finally visiting down here since July 4th of last year.

MISSY - Last-minute deadlines at work.
RAOUL - Putting in over 12 hours at work on Friday...ugh.
RITA - Trip being delayed.
JOHN - When Missy's alternator light came back on after spending $100 on a new battery.

MISSY - "is he a homo?"
RAOUL - "Is he a homo?"
RITA - "What's for dinner?"
JOHN - "No idling"

MISSY - I'll say the pizza was good and then the soup we had.
RAOUL - Pizza and potatoes at Transmet...again!
RITA - I liked that pizza...
JOHN - My cave-aged blue cheese from Dekalb Market.

MISSY - Diplodocus and Plesiasaurus.
RAOUL - Triceratops. and Hugasaurus.
RITA - Brontosaurus.
JOHN - That really big one in the entrance.

MISSY - Visit Thyme After Thyme.
RAOUL - Haul the garden bags from the backyard up to the front.
RITA - Yard clean-up.
JOHN - Holy shit, I got 100,000 placemats to run!

MISSY - April March, The Decemberists, Alessi's Ark.
RAOUL - Architecture In Helsinki, Galaxie 500, Dean & Britta, She & Him, M Ward, Yo La Tengo, Little Wings, Air, Phil Spector "Back To Mono" boxset.
RITA - George Thorogood
JOHN - The Mamas And Papas.

PRNTS 3082

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Heading out to ATLANTA today with Missy and her parents. In the meantime, enjoy these sleeping bears Missy drew on a POST-IT NOTE, stuck up in her cubicle at work. New WEEKEND WIND-DOWN coming later tonight (or tomorrow, if we get back late):

WORK 8596

Hit The Spot

PRNTS 3001

Missy's parents came down from Pittsburgh this Saturday and they'll be staying with us for the next week. We drove out to the brand new SUPER TARGET out in Winder to buy Easter stuff and stock up on supplies:

PRNTS 3004

On the way home we stopped at our local pizzeria, TRANSMETROPOLITAN, for dinner. While waiting for our pie we all geeked out over the chunky pewter fixtures in their bathroom sinks:

PRNTS 3007

We marveled over the photograph hanging above our booth...it was this great image of seventies-era children who looked like they were headed out to recess or possibly got let out of school for summer vacation. Dig the high-waisted striped pants:

PRNTS 3010

Our pizza finally arrived and Missy's dad served up the slices. We ate until we could stand it no more...here's to hoping that we don't suffer with heartburn through the night...

PRNTS 3012

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nilla Forty-Eight

OREO 2884

OREO 2883

OREO 2881

NILLA and OREO play the "mirror game"...all was going well, but they messed up while trying to do the mirror image of "grooming hind quarters"...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Adoption Day, Nilla!

Nilla as a baby!, originally uploaded by sugar-cookie.

On this day five years ago I adopted Nilla! I remember it was sunny and I was so excited to finally be adopting a kitty. I even remember what I was wearing the day I picked her up, and I think it was a Thursday.

Nilla when I first adopted her!
I took her home and I thought she might have a hard time to adjust, but she made herself right at home! Here are some photos from April 2004.

Little Nilla!
Look at what a thin little kitty I had back then! She sure loved exploring my shelves back then. Now she has a whole house to herself!

Nilla on my bed.
Here is a more recent photo of my Nilla on my bed! It is quite similar to the first photo, but my has she grown! Yay Nilla!