Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tunesday Tuesday: First Aid Kit

Tunesday Tuesday - First Aid Kit
I have loved the band First Aid Kit upon first listen. I am pretty sure I found them on iTunes with the "people who liked this, also bought this" thing, or else I read about them maybe from Twitter. Anyways, I am very glad I did because I really am in love with their music. My musical tastes run a little more on the "folk" side than Raoul's, but he also is a fan of First Aid Kit. I love music that has different stories within the album, and I also love their voices. Their new record is called "The Lion's Roar." On first listen, I do not love it as quickly as I loved the other album, but it is a grower, and it is totally growing on me at the moment. You can listen to a really good interview with the sisters of First Aid Kit right here from NPR. They are also featured in this month's issue of Nylon magazine, and they have on the most beautiful dresses with the most amazing patterns!

This is one of my favorite songs from their first album.

And one from the newest album, too.

And one more for good measure because this one is really good, too.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Snuggle Bunny Monday

Napping bunny.
Here is Jumbles. Jumbles loves to sleep on the blankets that I give to them. Sometimes he likes to move them around and dig in them, too. He is sleepy in this photo, and when he gets sleepy, his ears start to droop and he sort of tips over to one side!

Jumbles taking a nap.
Oreo is getting a sip of water right behind Jumbles. She makes a slurpy sound when she drinks.

Jumbles is falling asleep in his home.
They are really excited cos I am putting up some new artwork in their room! I will have to post some more pictures later because this is when the room is in progress. I sure love how it is looking lately!

Bunny friends.
And I think the bunnies will enjoy it, too.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sketchbook Sunday

Rain drop drawings.
Here is another Sketchbook Sunday with a few of my current drawings. I thought I would write this post as I watch Downton Abbey (ooh, who else is watching? It is getting really good!). I made some new little drawings and I think they are coming along quite well...

Cats drawn with my brush pen.

Kitty with fur drawing I made with a brush pen.
These are drawn with my Pentel brush pen. I like working with it because the lines you can make remind me of some of my favorite line art from Andy Warhol.

Quail bird drawing.

Baby seals art from my sketchbook.
I really like drawing animals lately. I mostly draw from my memory, but I also like to look at Pinterest and other websites for inspiration. I like looking at different sites for animals and patterns. I would like to make some of these little baby seals into a pattern for my Spoonflower fabric shop!

Mushroom girl with bunny and butterfly.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nilla One-Hundred And Seventeen

NILLA 3205

Wow. It's been a while since we've done the obligatory "POST A PHOTO OF OUR CAT" on the blog...here's NILLA covering her eyes, mid-cat nap.

Tofu Baby 2012

Tofu Baby 2012 Cawendar-4
Are you really ready for 2012? I mean, are you really ready for 2012?? Now you can be truly ready with your very own Tofu Baby Cawendar for 2012! Each month features a scene I drew to match the month. I think they look really cute!

Tofu Baby 2012 Cawendar-3

Tofu Baby 2012 Cawendar-1

Tofu Baby 2012 Cawendar-2
In the center of the cawendar is a Chutes and Wadders that you can play, too. You can get your own copy at Shoppe Sugar Cookie!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Mini Choco

Mini Choco Plush candies.

I love chocolate, so I sewed some of these Mini Choco candies. Raoul gave me the idea to make a special wrapper for the Mini Choco, so I made this cute little label. It is printed on speckled white paper.

Mini Choco wrapped up in the wrapper.
All wrapped up neatly in a foil wrapper - this is one candy that won't melt in your pocket! Inside contains...

Mini Choco Strawberry Plush 1
Some very cute candy! I made these from wool felt. I enjoy doing some hand sewing once in a while, and these little sweets are fun to make. I especially liked embroidering their faces.

Mini Choco Dark Chocolate Plush 7

Mini Choco Milk Chocolate Plush 4

Mini Choco Strawberry Plush 2

Mini Choco Dark Chocolate Plush 8
I only made a few of these so far, and you can find them right here at Shoppe Sugar Cookie! You can give the gift of chocolate this Valentine's Day!

Weekend Wind-Down #138

HIGH 3206

We went to THE HIGH MUSEUM in Atlanta, yesterday, to see the last day of the KIKI SMITH exhibit. In the courtyard outside the museum entrance was a giant sculpture of "COMPANION" - the signature character created by street artist KAWS.

HIGH 3207

HIGH 3209

It was busy enough at the museum that we were able to sneak a few photos in the galleries...

HIGH 3210

HIGH 3211

HIGH 3212

HIGH 3213

HIGH 3215

They had some cool AFRICAN ART in their collection...

HIGH 3216

HIGH 3217

HIGH 3218

We took the elevator up to view the PICASSO TO WARHOL exhibit again (we saw it back in October). On the back of the elevator there was this poster showing a couple of brightly coiffed HIPSTERS (I'm guessing...SCAD students?) enjoying an amorphous purple thing:

HIGH 3219

We really liked the room with these giant ALEX KATZ pieces:

HIGH 3220

HIGH 3222

HIGH 3223

HIGH 3227

HIGH 3225

HIGH 3232

HIGH 3233

HIGH 3230

HIGH 3231

MISSY - Kiki Smith exhibit at The High!
RAOUL - Going to The High Museum. Can't wait for the KAWS show next month.

MISSY - Storm on Saturday night...Nilla was scared!
RAOUL - The mess that was made after the big storm this Saturday...we've got fallen tree limbs and branches everywhere.

MISSY - Jumbles yawning.
RAOUL - That old guy sitting in the booth behind us at Soul Veg who kept criticizing Kirsten Dunst's acting abilities in the Spiderman movies.

MISSY - "Kalebone"
RAOUL - "Kalebone"

MISSY - Dinner at Soul Vegetarian.
RAOUL - Kalebone sandwich, onion rings, Hebrew bakes at Soul Veg.

MISSY - Ooooh, I'll get my planner and tell you...buttons for Sci-Fi Caper and Gold-Bears, buy jewelry supplies, clean craft room.
RAOUL - The dishes, send my school loan payment, photograph my new button designs.

MISSY - Alessi's Ark, Beirut.
RAOUL - Battles, King Tuff, The Pains Of Being Pure Of Heart, Vomit Launch, Cotton Candy, Blast Off Country Style, Warp Records' Warp:Routine compilation, Kill Rock Stars / Lookout! Records' Slice Of Lemon comp.