Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tunesday Tuesday: the Softies

Tunesday Tuesday: the Softies
For a while Raoul had asked me to make a Tunesday Tuesday post about one of our favorite bands, the Softies. The Softies are Rose and Jen, and together they make the sweetest, dare I say "softest" music around. I have loved them since my college days, and I still play their albums on heavy rotation. I have seen them play a few times "back in the day," and each time it was a real treat. I even saw them open for Superchunk! I will never forget it cos someone yelled "turn up the drums!" and well, the Softies are simply two girls and their guitars!

ICE Holiday Weekend 2011

Time sure is flying over here at the Ranch! Last week was Thanksgiving, and the week before that was the ICE Atlanta holiday market! We had two very busy days and had so much fun this year. In the morning and saw the long line forming to get into ICE. The early bird shoppers all got goodie bags! That line went all the way around the block!Let's take a look.

ICE Atlanta Holiday Market 0283

ICE Atlanta Holiday Market 0280

ICE Atlanta Holiday Market 0282
While people waited in line, they also got some coffee and other goodies from Ursa Minor Coffee, a rolling café from Asheville, North Carolina. I had a hot chocolate and Raoul had a mango smoothie. Both were delish and was a great treat to have during a busy holdiay-filled day.

ICE Atlanta Holiday Market 0285
Here is our table display! We were so close to the door, everyone kept telling us we were the "Welcome Committee."

ICE Atlanta Holiday Market 0287

ICE Atlanta Holiday Market 0288

ICE Atlanta Holiday Market 0286

Here are some of our friend's tables from ICE.

ICE Atlanta Holiday Market 0297
Glue and Glitter is our friend Becky. She makes lovely aprons with cupcakes, lunch bags, and cup gloves all from recycled and vintage materials. She is the best at finding really cute fabrics and making them into wonderful things!

ICE Atlanta Holiday Market 0296
Fernworks and Marisol Spoon were our neighbors at the craft show. They both had some beautiful works of art at their tables, some were wearable, too.

ICE Atlanta Holiday Market 0291
This baby train made it all the way up the stairs! We were amazed they made it, but we never saw them leave. I wonder how they made it out of ICE?

ICE Atlanta Holiday Market 0298

ICE Atlanta Holiday Market 0295

ICE Atlanta Holiday Market 0294
I did a little bit of shopping myself! I did get some Sea is for Caramel chocolate bars by Sweet Teeth, a candy company in South Carolina. Yummy!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Snuggle Bunny Monday

Bunny buddies. I love you.
Here are some Oreo and Jumbles pictures. I thought it has been a while since we have seen some Snuggle Bunny Monday!

What a nice bunny.

Bunny ears.

Two bunnies are better than one.
Ore and Jumbles are good friends, as you can tell. They often groom one another and cuddle very close to each other. Jumbles has been at our home since April and he is really making himself at home. He is getting more used to me petting him and he also does not mind when I kiss him. He is so soft! I love these bunnies.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

New to Shoppe Sugar Cookie Etsy

Getting my Shoppe Sugar Cookie ready for the holidays! I have added many new goodies. Please check them out. Here are some pictures of the new stuff!

Fancy Bow Locket with Owl and Mushroom

Tea Time Wood Charm Necklace Raspberry Flavor 1

Bunny Girl Mini Notepad 4

Panda Heart Wood Pin 1

Woodland Squirrel Wood Charm Necklace 2

Fancy Bow Locket with Silhouette Bunny

Mr. Anteater Mini Notepad 4

Forest Fawn Wood Pin1

You Are Super Notepad 6

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Acorn Wood Pin and the Dainty Squid

The Dainty Squid Blog 1
Please check out one of my favorite blogs, the Dainty Squid. The other day Kaylah featured my Happy Acorn Wood Pin in one of her fashion photo shoots. All of these photos belong to Kaylah and are used from her blog. Aren't they gorgeous? Isn't Kaylah the most adorable gal you have ever seen? Here are some more of her pictures.

The Dainty Squid Blog 2
I really love the color of this sweater with the vintage dress that she is wearing in this photo. Perfect for autumn and winter.

The Dainty Squid Blog 3
So please check out the Dainty Squid and Shoppe Sugar Cookie for more handmade goodies!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Our Thanksgiving in Pictures

Green beans.

Our Thanksgivig.

Some of our thanksgiving.


Sprouts and baby tomatoes.

Veggies that we roasted.

My Thanksgiving plate.

Apples getting ready to bake a pie.

Pie in motion.

My apple pie is cooling off.

Out of the oven!

Pie of Athens!
Hope everyone had a fabulous and yummy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Crafty Goodness

Bunny plush that I am making for the holiday markets.

Here is my sleeping bunny wood pin.

Cupcake charm necklace.

More pickles!

New Fawn Baby Wood Pin coming soon!

Tiny owl hairpins!

Cute magnets!
Here are some of my newest handmade goodies! I will have these goodies available at my table at ICE Atlanta this weekend!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Holiday Events

ICE Atlanta Holiday 2011
We will be a some fabulous holiday markets this season, so please come by and say hi. It is always fun to meet everyone and see what they make in person. First one is ICE Atlanta and takes place on Saturday, November 19 and Sunday, November 20, and that is at Ambient Plus Studio. Early birds get swag bags on both days!

ICE Pop Up Shop 2011
ICE Atlanta is also having another Pop Up Shop this year. It opens on December 1 and ends on the 24. This year it is inside of Criminal Records, so not only can you come in and buy handmade gifts, you can also buy some cool comics and records to boot! Maybe they will even have a band playing in-store that day, too. What fun!

Craftland 2011
Another shop I am participating in this year is Craftland. This one is located in downtown Providence, Rhode Island. So all my northern friends can go check out all the goodies at that holiday sale. I heard it is very good!

Chatty Crafty Holiday 2011
We will have a table at Chatty Crafty in Chattanooga, Tennessee! So if you miss us at these other sales, you can come see our handmade craft goodies at this one. Check it out, Chatty!