Sunday, September 30, 2012

Operation Cutify - Guest Bathroom Re-Do!

OP CUTE 7150

A couple of weeks ago, Missy's parents were in town to celebrate her BIRTHDAY and to help us with some home improvement projects. This time around, we decided that it was time to finish renovating the HALLWAY GUEST BATHROOM that we started on TWO YEARS AGO (see HERE). First, we stopped at Home Depot to buy a couple of new lighting fixtures, paint, tools, and accessories. Then we headed out to the IKEA in Atlanta to get some new furniture - in particular, a new MIRROR for the bathroom, to replace the rusty old medicine cabinet that Missy's dad would rip out of the wall. As usual, we stopped and got a bite to eat in the IKEA CAFETERIA before working our way through the crowded showrooms...

OP CUTE 7148

OP CUTE 7151

OP CUTE 7152

OP CUTE 7153

OP CUTE 7154

After putting together a new bookcase, work began in ernest on the bathroom renovation, which happened in stages over the following week. First, they tore out the old MEDICINE CABINET, leaving a gaping hole in the wall. Then, Missy's dad worked on moving the light fixture up six inches higher to accommodate the new mirror. The bathroom had NO ELECTRICAL OUTLET AT ALL, so he installed one, using the wiring for the light fixture...

OP CUTE 7159

OP CUTE 7160

OP CUTE 7161

OP CUTE 7162

After all the electrical elements were installed, they patched up the big holes with new DRYWALL. Then, after cleaning all the mold and dust off the walls, they spackled and primed the ugly gray walls with KILZ...

OP CUTE 7178

OP CUTE 7179

OP CUTE 7180

OP CUTE 7182

Once the spackling and primer was dry, it was time to start adding coats of paint to the walls. We chose a white semi-gloss paint that had a slight pink tone to it, so that it would blend well with the pink tiles and not be such a garish contrast. Because the bathroom is small and humid with no real ventilation, we had to bring fans in to help the paint dry faster...

OP CUTE 7184

OP CUTE 7185

OP CUTE 7186

OP CUTE 7188

OP CUTE 7190

OP CUTE 7191

Two coats of paint later, it was finally time to install the new lighting fixture. The old fixture was dated and dingy and we were more than happy to finally see it gone...

OP CUTE 7197

OP CUTE 7199

OP CUTE 7201

A week later, barring a few minor details that still need to be taken care of, we had a new bathroom! We were especially happy that we were able to match the lighting fixture and mirror with pretty much the same ones we installed in the MASTER BATHROOM a year ago HERE...

OP CUTE 7212

OP CUTE 7213

OP CUTE 7214

In between waiting for spackle and paint to dry, a NEW SHELF was installed in the master bath...

OP CUTE 7240

...and the fugly 70s-style GOLD CHANDELIER in the RABBIT ROOM - the one that the previous owners attached to the ceiling with a SHINY GREEN CARABINER - was finally put out of it's misery and replaced with another ceiling fan, the last of five matching ceiling fans that have been installed in the house since we bought it...

OP CUTE 7206

OP CUTE 7196

...OH! And we also took time out to celebrate Missy's birthday! She just happened to get a package ON her birthday from a friend who sent her VINTAGE CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS to add to her every-growing collection...

OP CUTE 7164

OP CUTE 7167

OP CUTE 7168

OP CUTE 7169

OP CUTE 7175

OP CUTE 7176

Sketchbook Sunday - Let's Make a Button Design

Sketch for my new button design.
I love making buttons! I make them all the time. Want to see my process from start to finish? Okay, so here goes... I start with my original sketch that I draw in pencil. I usually draw in my sketch book. It looks like this.

Inking my artwork.
Then I ink in my pencil sketch. I like to use different pens for this - so sometimes I draw with a fine tip, sometimes I like to use a heavier tip. For this I think I used a 07 tip.

Lettering by hand.
Next I did some hand lettering. I am making a button to use for my Etsy shop, so I wrote the URL for it Shoppe Sugar Cookie!

Making new buttons.
Then I scan in my artwork. I like to clean it up in Photoshop. I scan at 600 dpi, and in color. I change to grayscale and fine tune the contrast using Levels, Exposure, and Brightness and Contrast. I convert to RGB next and color in my illustration. I also move the type around to fit my button template, making sure not to place the text too close to the edge of my button design. Once I have this finalized, I put it on another template to print my button design out on nice paper.

New buttons for my Etsy. #etsy
This is how they look when I print them out all on one page. I can cut it out to make a button!

Button final for my Etsy shop!#etsy
And here is the final button badge design to pop in my Shoppe Sugar Cookie Etsy orders!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

How We Roll in Athens

How we roll in Athens. #athens #athensga
We went to pick up our LOCALLY GROWN veggies this week and saw this riding near Ben's Bikes! Isn't it cool?

Friday, September 28, 2012

Sriracha Peanut Butter Donut

DONUT 7247

Just real quick...we got out of work early today and we stopped at IKE & JANE on our way home. Not surprisingly, the only donuts left by the time we got there was this platter of SRIRACHA AND PEANUT BUTTER DONUTS. I just had to be one of the few brave souls to try it out. Now, I like Sriracha hot sauce. And I like peanut butter. So, in theory, I should like this donut, right? Well, I'm about to find out...I can tell you right off the bat that the smell of the Sriracha is really strong, and they put a good amount on the, I know at the very least, it's gonna be spicy...maybe check the comments section for my review...HAPPY FRIDAY!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lotta Locket Love

I have been really into making lockets lately! I have so much locket love locked up inside...! Here are some of my lovely little treasures I have been making from vintage lockets.

I love to draw, and I love to draw animals. Most of my lockets have incorporated my love of animals and soft colors.


I also am inspired by "woodland getaway" types of images, so I look on Pinterest and magazines for amazing photos and illustrations. Each one of my lockets holds an original one of a kind artwork.

I was testing myself to see how tiny I could draw. This is a really small locket, the images are less than a quarter of an inch. Now that is small!



This last one is one of my favorites! I have always loved deer. I also like the "Smurfy" traditional mushroom with a red cap. I think they look fabulous together and I really love making a bow around the deer's neck.

As always, these tiny treasures can be found at Shoppe Sugar Cookie on Etsy!