Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Week!

raoul's pumpkin lit up!

my pumpkin lit up!
It's Halloween week! Here are our pumpkins we carved a few years ago to get you in the spirit of the season!

Snuggle Bunny Monday

Oreo 3
It has been nice enough for Oreo to have some patio playtime! Yay!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Button Sets at ShanaLogic!

Hugs Button Set

Tea Party Button Set

Sea Critters Button Set

Dinosaur Button Set
I have been working on some of my new button sets lately. I am happy to announce that they are carried at ShanaLogic! Shana has soooo many unique things at her shop! The Hugs Button Set and Sea Critters Button Set are exclusive to ShanaLogic! If you have not seen her website, you should check it out.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Art in the Dark

Farmington Depot Gallery 10

Farmington Depot Gallery 9
Last night Erin and I went to check out the Farmington Depot Gallery, a new gallery. The Depot is in Farmington, not far outside of Athens. It is a pretty drive, but it was dark, so we could not see the cute antique shops and rolling hills along the way.

Farmington Depot Gallery 7

Farmington Depot Gallery 6
There was music, snacks, oh and lots of art to be seen! It was neat to see such a variety by many talented artists. It was nice to see so many of our friends there, too!

Farmington Depot Gallery 8

Farmington Depot Gallery 5

Farmington Depot Gallery 2
Our friend Matt painted the cows you see here. He also had some figure drawings and paintings in the other rooms, too.

Farmington Depot Gallery 13

Farmington Depot Gallery 12
I think the Barrel of Monkeys was a favorite of the night!

Farmington Depot Gallery 1

Farmington Depot Gallery 3
What a nice way to spend a lovely October evening! Go weekend!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nilla One-Hundred And Two

Nilla 5

Nilla 4
Nilla loves boxes, as you may well know. She rolled on this box so much that I think it is about to cave in soon. She rolls and rolls when she is very happy. These pictures make her look way bigger than she really is. Really.

Nilla 2

Nilla 1
Tonight Nilla is very talkative, so I must go carry her round like a baby!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Raoul!

Pink cupcake 4
Today is Raoul's birthday! Happy Birthday, Raoul! I love you so much. Here is a pinky cupcake I made for our pal Erin cos her birthday was yesterday - Erin and Raoul are birthday buddies! Do you know how old Raoul is? Here are some interesting facts about him:

He likes to have all his food stacked and in a bowl.

His favorite colors are kelly green and blue. (I think)

He was in marching band and plays trumpet.

He is not a fan of birthdays.

He had a dog called Bronson.

Hope you have a happy birthday!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Snuggle Bunny Monday

Oreo having her salad.

Yummy salad!


Bunny salad.
Here is Oreo having her bunny salad this evening. She loves having a salad! It is fun to see her eat and much on the lettuce. Sometimes she twirls the lettuce around in her mouth and you can see it getting smaller and smaller and then finally disappear! She eats very quickly, so that is why some of my photos are a little blurry. She is a fast bun!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sketchbook Sunday

Yarn and spool drawing.
Here is a drawing for a new button set I made for the Commissioned Artist Button Sets for my friend Becky at Sweetie Pie Press. Becky asked me to make a new button series for her and since we love crafts, and she was teaching me how to crochet, we thought a crafty theme would do the trick. I love the colors and the notions as characters is so cute!

Commissioned Artist Series Pin Set - Crafty Cuties

Commissioned Artist Series Pin Set - Crafty Cuties
These photos are taken from ShanaLogic where you can order this Crafty Cuties Button Set. Becky should have them at her shop very soon, as well as other very cool buttons!

Zines - Kiwi Edition

Zines from Bird in the Hand Distro 10
I have been a fan of zines ever since I started reading them in high school. I have to say, and it may sound silly, but zines saved my life. I recently ordered some zines from my pal Susy at Bird in the Hand Zine Shop in Australia. Australia is a great place for zines, especially arty and crafty ones, like the ones above.

Zines from Bird in the Hand Distro 6

Zines from Bird in the Hand Distro 5
Spoonful is a sweet zine, and a fun little read. This issue's theme is "A Happiness Companion" and has articles on that topic, a tutorial with ideas on using up your small bits of fabric, and showcases some different artists with photos of their crafts (this issue features a "goat" theme!).

Zines from Bird in the Hand Distro 7

Zines from Bird in the Hand Distro 1

Zines from Bird in the Hand Distro 9
Next is Extra Curricular. Like Mixtape, another favorite zine of mine, Extra Curricular is all about making and feeling good about it. Did you know crafting is healthy? Yes! There is a great article all about this, too! I also love the interviews with different artists and photographers, seeing their studios, and learning about their creative process. There is a nice article about Roller Derby in Australia and New Zealand! I also have to say I love seeing the ads in all of these zines!

Zines from Bird in the Hand Distro 3

Zines from Bird in the Hand Distro 4
Sohi looks a lot like a fashion mag, with beautiful photography and nice paper, but there are neat stories all about community gardening, moving from the city to the country, cross stitch, food, art, and so much more.

Zines from Bird in the Hand Distro 2
Plus, I learned so much about even more zines, artists, and crafty websites in Australia than I ever knew existed! Hooray for zines!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nilla One-Hundred And One

IMG_0007Nilla sits in a box 6

Nilla sits in a box 3

Nilla sits in a box 1

Nilla sits in a box 4
Nilla loves boxes, as you know. She loves sitting like a person, too. Now she sits like a person in a box!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Making a Cup Glove

Glue and Glitter's Cup Glove Kit 1
Last night I made a Cup Glove for my travel cup. I used a kit I got form our friend Becky who does a crafty website called Glue and Glitter. I love to tote some tea along every morning to work and needed some extra protection so not to burn my hands on my hot cup!

Glue and Glitter's Cup Glove Kit 2
I chose a kit that had cute bird houses as the pattern and a soft yellow gingham. I love these patterns together!

Glue and Glitter's Cup Glove Kit 4
I followed the directions and ironed my pieces of fabric to the lining...

Glue and Glitter's Cup Glove Kit 5
Pinned and sewed all the pieces together, turned to, and top stitched.

Glue and Glitter's Cup Glove Kit 7
Instead of machine sewing it closed I added a little button and hand stitched it to fit my Keep Cup perfectly. And here is my finished Cup Glove! Yay! No more burnt fingers!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cloud Drawings - Donut and Bagel

Cloud near the Botanical Garden.
We saw this lovely little cloud when we were leaving the botanical gardens last weekend. We thought it was really neat to see a cloud like this. Hmmm... So I drew it to be...

Cloud can also be a donut, too.
A yummy donut! Or...

Cloud that looked like a bagel.
A bagel!