Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nilla One Hundred and Five - Nilla's Squirrel Friend

Nilla and the Squirrel 0010
Today we had a visitor! Sometimes squirrels come down the tree near our craft room and peek in the window. I saw two today, and this one hung around some.

Nilla and the Squirrel 0014

Nilla and the Squirrel 0015
This little guy came down the tree and did not make it very far before Nilla saw him!

Nilla and the Squirrel 0017
Nilla made a few squeaky sounds and sort of a "huff" or a snore at the squirrel! I know he saw Nilla, too. He jumped back on the tree.

Nilla and the Squirrel 0022

Nilla and the Squirrel 0024

Nilla and the Squirrel 0028
And scurried up it when he saw Nilla!

Nilla and the Squirrel 0029

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Special Delivery Valentines

I was inspired by ETSY'S SPECIAL DELIVERY, so I made some handmade Valentines special for them. I had a little bit of trouble getting started cos my day job consists of making seasonal items and it's hard getting motivated (we already did Valentine's Day for 2012!), but once I got going I completed four hand-drawn Valentine's Day cards! Here they are...
Panda Valentine's Day Card

Panda Valentine's Day Card Inside

Holding Heart Valentine's Day Card

Holding Heart Valentine's Day Card Inside

Kitty Heart Valentine's Day Card

Kitty Heart Valentine's Day Card Inside
How I loved Valentine's Day in grade school! We would make all sorts of things in art class, such as the above cat! I remember making it from cut paper hearts in Miss Napoleon's art class. I drew my own version for this Valentine!

Heart Balloon Valentine's Day Card

Heart Balloon Valentine's Day Card Inside
Raoul said he really liked this one. I tried to use more colors than the usual red and pink. I love a little splash of color on my Valentines! I am getting these ready to send today. Did you make a Valentine yet?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Get Yr Groundhog

Groundhog Day Shadow Badge

Groundhog Day Sun Badge
I made some buttons to celebrate one of my favorite holidays, GROUNDHOG DAY! I am not sure if this holiday is as big of a deal in Georgia as it is in my home state of Pennsylvania, but as a child we were always aware of what PUNXSUTAWNEY PHIL had to say about the weather for the upcoming months.

Groundhog Day Set 1
You can celebrate right with your own set of Groundhog Day buttons from my SHOPPE SUGAR COOKIE. So, would you like a late winter or an early spring?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

365 Buttons Project

Here are some of my newest button designs for my 365 Buttons Project. They are all ready in my Shoppe Sugar Cookie! They all have a wintery feel cos it is my favorite season and I have been thinking about cold weather, snow, animals in the snow, and sweaters!

Sweater Doggie Dachshund - Button 01.07.11

Sweater Doggie Schnauzer - Button 01.08.11

Sweater Doggie Pup - Button 01.09.11

Woodland Deer - Button 01.10.11

Woodland Bunny - Button 01.11.10

Woodland Raccoon - Button 01.12.11

Woodland Fox - Button 01.13.11

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Taking Part


Last night, we headed out to ATHICA (Athens Institute of Contemporary Art) to attend the opening of their new exhibition called TAKING PART. The theme of the show was "PARTICIPATION" and each of the works or concepts required participation from co-conspiritors and/or the gallery viewer and audience itself...


The highlight of the show is a piece orchestrated by MICHAEL LEASE called "SEND ME THE PILLOW THAT YOU DREAM ON". The artist asked 42 individuals to send him photos from their high school years, along with photos of their pillows, photos featuring a view out the window of their current home, and finally, photos of themselves as they appear now. It was fun matching up the photos in the glass cases and on the walls - especially fun was matching those current photos of each person with the photos of their former selves. It was fascinating to see how much people change/don't change in appearance over the years...




Missy participated in one of the pieces that asked for people to share what some of their favorite "WALKS" were in Athens. People are asked to write about their favorite "walk" and then post their experiences up on a magnetic bulletin board. Missy drew a little four-panel comic illustrating her ideal "walk" in town. We didn't take a photo of the comic...rather, for now, we'd like to encourage everyone to go to ATHICA (everyone close enough to visit, at least) to take a look, experience, and maybe even participate, in the pieces themselves...for more information on this exhibit and ATHICA, clickity click right HERE.






Pixburgh Pride!

PGH 5162

Native YINZER - Missy Kulik - models her team colors via the infamous TERRIBLE TOWEL...GO STEELERS!

PGH 5161

PGH 5155

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lickin' The Beaters! Parts 1 And 2


Hey y'all! LICKIN' THE BEATERS 2, a vegan chocolate and candy cookbook by Canadian chef SIUE MOFFAT, featuring super cute illustrations by our very own MISSY KULIK, is now available for purchase from AMAZON (buy it HERE) and most well-stocked brick-and-mortar book stores! Our friends on the Facebook already know that the book came out around Christmas time...but now we finally have actual copies of the book that we can share with you on our blog!



Missy, along with another artist simply known as CELSO, did all the spot illustrations for the book. Here's just a sampling of a few of Missy's drawings, a little amuse bouche...




I also made it into the cookbook, as one of Missy's drawings! Here I am mixing up some dough:





In addition to awesome recipes and cute illustrations, Lickin' the Beaters 2 also explains some of the HISTORY AND POLITICS of desserts...and it also has a handy dandy trouble-shooting page:



BEATERS 5107 addition to Lickin' the Beaters 2, LICKIN' THE BEATERS - the original cookbook which came out in 2003 - is also still available (HERE, via AMAZON)...and it also features illustrations by Missy! You can get BOTH books (for super cheap!) and then bake and make to yr heart's content during these chilly winter months...

(subsequent pressings of this book have different covers from the original one shown above)

(the top right corner of the book is a FLIP BOOK!)


Years before TOFU BABY, there was VANILLA PUDDING!



(That's Missy's old website listed above. If you're interested in finding her "stuff", try HERE or HERE)