Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Play With Your Food - Squash

Summer Squash 1

Summer Squash 2
Raoul and I bought some summer squash in order to make lasagna over the weekend. We got to looking at the different shapes that the squash had, much like my cloud drawings. Raoul told me I should draw them, so here they are, my "before and after" presentation. But! Before you scroll down to see my artwork - what do you see in these shapely yellow squash?

Squash that looked like a duck.
This one had a bit of a stem, so this one is of course a duck, or a goose. I can see him waddle down to the pond right now...

Squash that looked like a bob white.
This little one is a bob white quail, one of my favorite birds for sure. They even call out their name when they speak! I love them. This is sort of like Play With Your Food, no?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Frog Frenzy

Frog Pond Button 3
Since it is rainy today, I guess we are in a froggy sort of mood - that is, making frog buttons! We made these two frog buttons from some of my drawings.

Happy Frog Face Button 3
These are inspired by the 7" record I had as a child of "Froggy Went a Courtin'" that was a coloring book, too. I can't find a visual of this rare treasure from my childhood, but trust me it is a gem. I even played Miss Mousie in first grade in music class. I remember I wore a white top and brown pants, sort of colors I imagined for a mouse. I even recall who Froggy was, too, from my first grade class! Needless to say, these cuties are ready to wear from my personal website and Shoppe Sugar Cookie on Etsy!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Operation Cutify - On And On And On

OP CUTE 3322

I'm up early this Saturday afternoon, determined to keep the OPERATION CUTIFY home improvement thingy rolling. We have more guests coming at the end of October and the GUEST BATHROOM (a.k.a. the Hallway Bathroom, a.k.a. MY Bathroom) is still a hot mess. Since I'll be away on business in China for most of next month, it really means that we only have a couple of weeks to get it looking decent, if not perfect.

That being said, we did get some Op Cute projects done a couple of weeks ago while Missy's parents were in town (of course!) They brought Missy this MEDICINE CABINET that they picked up at an IKEA in Pittsburgh. Missy had been wanting this particular medicine cabinet for the MASTER BATHROOM, but every time we've gone to find it at the IKEA in Atlanta, they've been sold out. As an early birthday present, Missy's parents found it at their local big box Swedish furniture emporium and trucked it down here. Nilla supervised while we cobbled the cabinet together and then hung it in the bathroom next to Missy's collection of vintage scarves...

OP CUTE 3334

OP CUTE 3330

OP CUTE 3340

OP CUTE 3443

Meanwhile, in the other bathroom, the removal of drab grey paint from the PINK TILES progressed, slowly but surely...

OP CUTE 3315

OP CUTE 3319

OP CUTE 3320

OP CUTE 3321

OP CUTE 3347

OP CUTE 3345

OP CUTE 3431

In the KITCHEN, we wanted to install a shelf in the empty space above our stove, in order to free up precious counter space. The last time we visited ANTHROPOLOGIE, Missy picked out these cute little SHELF BRACKETS, fully intending to use them somewhere in the kitchen. We got a length of wood cut for us at the local HOME DEPOT, and then Missy and her mom WHITE WASHED it. We couldn't find our level, so Missy downloaded a free BUBBLE LEVEL APP onto her iTouch...it totally worked! As a finishing touch, we attached a row of hooks to the bottom of the shelf to accommodate some of our TEA CUPS...

OP CUTE 3445

OP CUTE 3446

OP CUTE 3448

OP CUTE 3449

OP CUTE 3450

Friday, September 24, 2010

Nilla Ninety-Eight

Nilla is relaxing.
Nilla is so sweet. She finds new places each week and they are her "spot du jour." This week I found her in my room on top of some cassette boxes. I decoupaged these boxes with some images from a vintage book on etiquette that my pal Jamie wrapped a gift with. I love it, and so does Nilla.


Little paws.

Hello there, Nilla.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

In the Post...

House ring Raoul gave me for my birthday!
I have been having some great mail days lately, especially getting belated birthday cards and gifts this week, even though my birthday was last week. Raoul got me this HOUSE PIN CUSHION from LITTLE CLOUDS. I think it is so cute.

Nilla trying on the bow.
And Nilla is trying to be like HELLO KITTY with some help from Raoul. It is not Hello Kitty's bow, really, but a felt BOW BROOCH!

Little doll charm I got on Etsy -
I love these little DOLL CHARMS from VARIATION on Etsy. I love the sea foam green and red on my doll, and it looks like a little flower fairy.

Goodies from Variation on Etsy!
I also love the little extra goodies in my package from Variation, too. They remind me of little things from my childhood.

Invincible Summer and Clutch zines.
I got my comics from NICOLE GEORGES, too. I love INVINCIBLE SUMMER and CLUTCH! These are the comics I need to inspire me to draw more and about anything and everything! You can get these from Nicole at her Etsy shop called SPINSTER SUMMER.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Don't Mix The Colours x Rancho Cocoa

DMTC 3557

We had fun hanging out with KATY and JEAN of DON'T MIX THE COLOURS BLOG last night. We looked thru our collection of JAPANESE FASHION MAGAZINES, watched dvds, and listened to music, hoping to find inspiration and spark our creativity...we also pondered what kind of foods you would serve at a RIOT GRRL-THEMED get together....

DMTC 3554

Monday, September 20, 2010

Snuggle Bunny Monday

Having red cabbage.
Here is our Oreo having some red cabbage!

Hot Stuff


Sometimes, just a simple GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH with some spicy SRIRACHA SAUCE really hits the spot...


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tea Party Time

Tea Party Buttons Set 4
Check out my TEA PARTY BUTTON SET featured on PAPERNSTITCH today! My button set has everything you need to have your very own tea party! I am so excited for this button set cos it is inspired by Alice in Wonderland. I have always been a fan of Alice, and I loved the book and the animated Disney movie. We did not get to see the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland, but is it really as terrible as everyone is saying?

Tea Party Buttons Set 6

Tea Party Buttons Set 5

Tea Party Buttons Set 3

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Get High With A Little Help From My Friends

HIGH 3538

Yesterday, Missy and I took off to Atlanta to check out the SALVADOR DALI exhibition at the HIGH MUSEUM OF ART - it was part of Missy's day-long birthday celebration. We're ashamed to say that it was the first time the both of us visited the High since moving to Georgia. But now that we've been, it's guaranteed that we'll be going back again and again. I managed to sneak a few photos while we were in the museum...

HIGH 3535

HIGH 3534

We watched an interesting documentary about Dali while sitting on these LIP-SHAPED SEATS...

HIGH 3523

HIGH 3525

There was also this cool exhibit about FURNITURE DESIGN FROM THE 20TH CENTURY...

HIGH 3528

HIGH 3529

HIGH 3530

They also had an impressive collection of FOLK ART, including many pieces by local Georgia fringe artist REVEREND HOWARD FINSTER...

HIGH 3532

HIGH 3533

After hanging out at The High, we went to the French patisserie, MAISON ROBERT. Missy wanted MACARONS in lieu of birthday cake. Needless to say, the macarons were scrumptious and way more sweet than we could handle...we decided to walk it off while doing some serious b-day shopping...

HIGH 3539

HIGH 3540

For dinner, we hit up one of our favorite vegetarian restaurants in Atlanta - CAFE SUNFLOWER. We couldn't decide on what to get for appetizers so we went with their fancy take on SPANAKOPITA...and...a plate of their "TOFU NUGGETS", which were morsels of tofu covered in TEMPURA and deep-fried to perfection. YUM:

HIGH 3546

HIGH 3547

We barely had room for the main entree - a MOUNTAIN OF MASHED POTATOES, flanked by a piece of "MEAT LOAF", pieces of ROASTED ASPARAGUS, and...a SPRING ROLL, split into two halves. You wouldn't think that spring rolls would mix well with mashed potatoes, meat loaf, and gravy...but oh boy...it somehow works! The last three times we've been Sunflower we've ordered the same meal. We just can't get enough of it...

HIGH 3549

HIGH 3551