Saturday, September 18, 2010

Car Cat

CAR 3425

So, yesterday was Missy's BIRTHDAY (Happy Birthday, Missy!)...Missy celebrated early last week by getting herself a BRAND NEW CAR! She traded in her old silver VOLKSWAGEN BUG and luckily, was able to get full Bluebook value for it. Missy had bought the Bug used five years ago, and little things started to bug her (no pun intended) about it in the last couple of years - the headliner started to sag; the previous owner had owned a dog, and you could see scratches on the interior; lately, the power windows needed a little "help" getting back up into a closed position. Other than those little things, the car was in excellent condition, hence the fact that she was able to get full trade-in value.

Towards the end of Labor Day Weekend, Missy and her parents went out and then, to my surprise, came home with a 2010 YARIS. It is the first "brand new" car that Missy had ever owned...

CAR 3427

The Yaris has funny details like the instrument panel being smack dab in the middle of the dash. It's taking some getting used to! But then it also has cool little features, like a bottle holder that folds down in front of the vents, so that the air conditioning can help keep your cold drinks cool...

CAR 3429

CAR 3428

Later on that night, Missy and her mom went outside to paint a new shelf they were going to put up...they heard a cat meowing, but couldn't see where it was. Then they noticed that it was STUCK UP ON OUR ROOF! The little gray kitty from a couple of doors down found a way onto our roof and got stranded. So Missy grabbed our ladder and went up to save the cat, who climbed onto her back as she was was an eventful day...

CAT 3434

CAT 3435

CAT 3436

CAT 3437

CAT 3438

CAT 3439

CAT 3440

CAT 3441

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