Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Rankin and Bass Santa and Rudolph 8
Just popping in to wish you a Merry Christmas! Hope everyone has a merry one!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Crafty For Christmas

CRAFT 8629

There was a glut of HOLIDAY CRAFT SHOWS happening in Athens leading up to Christmas and we tried to hit up as many of them as possible. A couple of weekends ago we visited R. WOOD STUDIOS to see if we could find some good deals on ceramics. We pitched in to help FLUFFY, the resident studio cat, with his medical bills, and then we marveled at the MINIATURE CERAMIC PIECES...they weren't for sale, so marveling was all we could do...

CRAFT 8631

CRAFT 8632

CRAFT 8633

CRAFT 8636

CRAFT 8634

CRAFT 8635

CRAFT 8638

CRAFT 8639

From the studio, we headed out to Winterville, way out in the country, to attend a sale called A WORLD AWAY. The craft and antique sale was behind this house, out in the woods...all the vendors set up their tables along all these trails and all these old out buildings and barns held all kinds of antiques and vintage treasures...it truly felt like we were 'a world away'...

CRAFT 8642

CRAFT 8643

CRAFT 8644

CRAFT 8646

CRAFT 8648

CRAFT 8649

CRAFT 8650

CRAFT 8651

CRAFT 8652

CRAFT 8653

CRAFT 8655

CRAFT 8656

CRAFT 8657

CRAFT 8658

CRAFT 8659

CRAFT 8660

CRAFT 8661

CRAFT 8662

CRAFT 8664

CRAFT 8666

CRAFT 8668

CRAFT 8669

CRAFT 8671

CRAFT 8670

CRAFT 8672

CRAFT 8673

CRAFT 8675

CRAFT 8676

CRAFT 8677

CRAFT 8678

CRAFT 8680

CRAFT 8682

CRAFT 8683

We heard that there were ALPACAS at the neighboring SWEET OLIVE FARM...we hiked up a freshly mowed trail to the farm and found a large group of them busily gorging themselves on hay...we debated over which alpaca had the best HAIRSTYLE...

CRAFT 8684

CRAFT 8685

CRAFT 8687

CRAFT 8688

CRAFT 8690

CRAFT 8698

CRAFT 8701

CRAFT 8700

CRAFT 8696

CRAFT 8695

CRAFT 8702

CRAFT 8708

CRAFT 8722

CRAFT 8725

CRAFT 8723

CRAFT 8728

Afterwards, we dashed back to Athens to catch the last couple of hours of the INDIE SOUTH CRAFT FAIR. We got there before the sun went down and the rain came down, managing to listen to some live music, buy a few things, and make ACORN ORNAMENTS...

CRAFT 8731

CRAFT 8732

CRAFT 8737

CRAFT 8734

CRAFT 8733

CRAFT 8735

CRAFT 8738

CRAFT 8740

CRAFT 8743

CRAFT 8742

CRAFT 8744

CRAFT 8748

CRAFT 8745

CRAFT 8746

CRAFT 8749

CRAFT 8750

CRAFT 8751