Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Craft A Raft, Part Two

ZAA 3642

ZAA 3627

The second day of the CRAFTSTRAVAGANZAA was super blew all the rain clouds away, which was good, but it also blew over more than a few tents. Fortunately, our tent was snuggly secure, sandwiched by PRAIRIE DOG INC. and CHRISTY WOOKE on one side and LAUREL HILL on the other. The only thing we had to be concerned with were our zines, which we ended up having to clothespin together to keep from flying away. We reconfigured our table set-up since we had considerably less stuff to sell...we also positioned our more "vulnerable" items in the center of the tent, just incase the the clouds decided to cave-in and rain down on us...

ZAA 3629

ZAA 3652

ZAA 3631

ZAA 3632

ZAA 3633

These large paintings didn't fair too well in the wind:

ZAA 3635

ZAA 3637

ZAA 3638

ZAA 3641

ZAA 3643

SANTA came and visited the craft sale! I totally wanted to take a picture of him from the front, but also didn't want to be too obvious...because I'm sure the dude gets bugged about being "Santa" all the time...then again, if it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck...

ZAA 3646

ZAA 3648

A nice day guaranteed that there would be plenty of dogs dragging their owners around town. A few stopped by our tent to take advantage of the shade:

ZAA 3649

ZAA 3650

ZAA 3653

We love it when eager parents make their kids try on TOFU BABY t-shirts, to make sure they fit! Lookin' sharp!

ZAA 3656

ZAA 3657

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