Monday, August 6, 2012

New Goodies at Shana Logic

New Awesome Animals button set in my Etsy!
Raoul helped me make a bunch of new things for the awesome indie shop Shana Logic! Here are some of my new Awesome Animals button designs that I made.

Getting some more Reading Animals Pin Sets together for @shanalogic
And an old favorite, the Readin' Animals Pin Set. These are great to get you into that "back to school" mood. Not sure if I am ready. Oh, wait, I am no longer in school!

Packing Hugging Animals button sets for @shanalogic !❤
Here are my Hugging Animals Pin Sets getting packed up to ship to Shana in Michigan! I love these animals. I love hugs, too.

Teacup Animals Button Set that I made.
Each morning I have a cup of hot tea, even in the summer time. I just can't shake it. My usual is Red Rose Tea, but sometimes I change it up and have some animals in my tea, just like these little button badges!

Box three of notepads from my Etsy shop. Yay getting organized.
I also sent a batch of notepads to Shana, too. Here I am organizing my notepads into stacks. Gotta try to stay on top of this!

Box two if my notepads being organized for Sugar Cookie Etsy shop!

Organizing the mini notepads for Sugar Cookie on Etsy!

Taking my zines downtown to they can be in a movie that is being shot in Athens! I hope they get in the shot.
Shana Logic will also be carrying some more of my zines! Go zines! Hooray for zines! Please check out all the goodies of mine that Shana Logic has to offer goodies of mine that Shana Logic has to offer right here!

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