Saturday, March 13, 2010

OCAF Thrift Store

OCAF 9685

Last night, Missy and I braved the rain and headed over to nearby Watkinsville to attend the preview of OCAF's BENEFIT THRIFT SALE. The preview sale was for those who wanted "first dibs" on all the items they had for sale, which took up two huge buildings on the OCAF (Oconee Cultural Arts Foundation) campus. When we arrived, there was already a line of eager shoppers waiting to get in, hoping to score a sweet find. It cost five bucks for the privilege of rummaging through all the junk first...and everything cost TWICE AS MUCH than it would at the sale the following day, which is free to the public. Why would anyone pay admission to pay double on thrift store items?'s a fund's for charity...and even with the prices doubled, you still got pretty good deals. Provided you were able to find things you wanted to buy, that is!

OCAF 9653

OCAF 9655

The aisles were narrow and crowded...we made a bee line for the CRAFTING SUPPLIES and started sorting through boxes of unwanted notions and fabric...

OCAF 9663

OCAF 9662

OCAF 9661

OCAF 9665

OCAF 9664

OCAF 9666

OCAF 9667

OCAF 9668

In addition to all the fabric and craft supplies we found, we scored this RUBBER STAMP PRINTING KIT for a couple of bucks...

OCAF 9677

OCAF 9658

OCAF 9669

OCAF 9673

OCAF 9674

OCAF 9678

OCAF 9679

OCAF 9681

OCAF 9682

OCAF 9684

OCAF 9692

We were fixin' on checking out when we found another nice score - a giant bag of random LEGO pieces. We scooped it up for Missy's brother JOE, who is a Lego enthusiast (Christmas came early for you, Joe!). We piled it on top of all the crafting supplies, glassware, and used cds we harvested from all the endless shelves of junk. One man's trash is another man's treasure. After a couple of hours of digging and scrutinizing (and then finally editing our haul before heading to the cash registers), we left the sale feeling tired and grimy, with our bags of thrift score items in tow...

OCAF 9690

OCAF 9694

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