Monday, March 31, 2008



A little while ago, Missy did some drawings and sent them out to be made into acrylic when we came home from work, a box was waiting on our doorstep...we LOVE getting packages! Actually, we were hoping big time that this package would come before we leave for China at the end of the week, and lucky for us, it did. After peeling away the adhesive backing from each charm, we laid them out on felt so they wouldn't get scratched...



It was hard to photograph the detail on the frosted acrylic, so I had to try using different backgrounds around the house...and the auto focus in "close up" mode was really finicky...

CHARM 5059

Missy is going to string some of these charms onto necklaces, and then make hair slides, earrings, and rings with the rest. This is a "test batch"...if they sell well, and more importantly, if they don't break and stuff, then she'll probably have more made with different check Missy's website and Etsy shop in a couple of weeks if you're interested...

Lastly, Missy was complaining that there wasn't enough pictures of me on the blog (but I'm the one taking the pictures!) to help balance things out, here's a self-portrait of me looking puffy.....TAH DAH!

ME 5086

Now I gotta go change the bag in the vaccuum and clean up around here. Yay...ciao!

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