Sunday, March 9, 2008

Letting You Down Again



It's been out for about a month now, but we're still getting the word out - ASAURUS RECORDS has put out a CD compilation called "LETTING YOU DOWN AGAIN: LO-FI vs. DEPECHE MODE"...It's a compilation of indiepop bands covering their favorite Depeche Mode songs - with a twist: before each song, each band tells an amusing anecdote about DM and/or the song that they are covering. Conveniently, each story is recorded on a separate track, so you can edit those out if you just want to listen to the songs. Comes in real handy when you're making a mix tape or CD. Anyways, me and Missy, as THE FRENCH TOASTS, have a track on the comp. We cover the Depeche Mode classic "People Are People", singing while playing a crocodile-shaped xylophone (see above) and a ribbed Fanta bottle (not pictured - I shattered the bottle on the floor of the 40 Watt last week during a French Toasts performance. Long story...)

The CD comes with a nice hand-made booklet (see above) and comes packaged in a pitch-black felt sleeve, and also comes with a badge covered in the same pitch-black very goth! But my favorite thing about the comp is the hidden track at the end, featuring Asaurus Records head honcho, MATTHEW BARINGER, singing "Strangelove" a cappella - while taking a shower. It's awesome. Makes me chuckle everytime I hear it.

click HERE for more info, or click on the Asaurus Records link to the right...

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