Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hippy Chick



Me and Missy stopped at Target on the way home from work today. We stopped to get some supplies, but mostly we stopped so that Missy could get a new Easter basket. Regretfully, she had gotten rid of her old Peep-shaped Easter Basket the last time we moved. So, it was off to Target in the hopes that she would find a basket that would fit her personality.

You see, we've got big plans for this Easter weekend - on Saturday, they are having the ATHENS EGG DROP at the YMCA , which is pretty much right behind our house. A helicopter will be dropping thousands of goodie-filled plastic eggs on the YMCA grounds while an eager crowd watches from a (presumably) safe distance. I believe this is the first year they are going to be doing this. With any luck, the helicopter will not miss it's target and hit our house instead!

Then, on Sunday, we are going to GEORGIA'S LARGEST EASTER EGG HUNT in Homer, Georgia. It used to be called THE WORLD'S largest Easter egg hunt, but I think they got beat out last year and had to change the name. We went to last year's hunt and it was crazy fun. The spectacle is indescribable. Hopefully, the pictures we take at the event will help everyone understand the magnitude of this egg hunt...but really, it's something that you just have to experience first-hand. Wish you could all be there with us!

Missy ended up getting the basket shaped like a chick's head...she's already modified it by taking the ribbon off. Target is calling the character CHIYO CHIYO, but those who are obsessed with Japanese stationery know that the character is really named PIYODAMARI (not to be confused with PIYO PIYO, who is another Japanese stationery character and is a duck)...anyways, Missy wanted me to make sure to mention it...we don't know if Target just straight up STOLE the character and re-named it, or if they are just licensing the character's likeness and then re-named it for the American market...jus' keepin' it real...

(Missy getting some instant noodle stuff for her lunch tomorrow)


emily august said...

Oh how I would love to be pelted with candy, even if it were dangerous.

Dark chocolate truffles, especially.


Oh, no doubt! Hopefully, it won't rain this Easter weekend...