Thursday, March 27, 2008

What's Happening

40WATT 4122

Today we headed downtown and picked up tickets for the KIMYA DAWSON show happening this Saturday. She's playing an early "family-friendly" show at the 40 Watt...and then later, in the same venue, is the ELF POWER cd release party...Saturday is going to be off the heezy.


After getting our tix, we headed over to THE GRIT for dinner...Thursday is payday! So, Thursday nights we usually treat ourselves to our favorite restaurant:

GRIT 4740

Missy started to show me her sketches for some neck pillows she wanted to make for our plane ride when Jay and Terri surprised us...they just happened to be sitting two tables away:

GRIT 4742

GRIT 4746
(Jay posing with Terri's thumb)

I was happy to bring my camera with me today...last week, we had seen this new addition to the decor at The Grit - this really cool painting of actress SHIRLEY HEMPHILL, famous for playing a waitress named 'Shirley' on the 70's sitcom WHAT'S HAPPENING. I was kicking myself for not having my camera then, fearing that the painting was just a temporary thing...luckily, it seems that Shirley (patron saint of food servers?) is a welcome and permanent fixture...

GRIT 4748


Sara said...

blake and i will be seeing you at the kimya show. my sister will be with us. fun times to be had tonight, but first come cleaning dishes and finishing my wall hanging pocket organizer thing for a baby shower tommorrow.

oh-- i'm on spring break!!

oh--Blake's b-day is coming up soon. he wants to go to Thai of Athens for a birthday dinner...will you two be up for that? We'll probably celebrate Tuesday night.


Hi Sara!

I messaged Blake via MySpace...tonight's our last "night out" because of the China trip tonight we're doing Kimya, then the big farewell party at XRAY, and then Elf Power...

...after tonight we're going to be busy cleaning the house (Missy parents are coming down to house/cat sit) and tying up a bunch of loose ends (bills, taxes, post office situation, packing, shopping, etc. etc.)...not to mention, it's going to be CRAZY at work...BUT you guys should go to Thai of Athens anyways and have sure to tell 'em that it's Blake's birthday and ask them if they have any special b-day music. They'll hook you up...

See you tonight!