Saturday, March 8, 2008

Last Nite

Last night was pretty fun...after we got home from work, we took turns modelling the new scarf I made:

SCARF 3953

SCARF 3955

SCARF 3960

I was trying to do my impression of Christina Ricci as "Penelope", but I ended up looking like a terrorist instead.

Afterwards, our friend Terri dropped by and we all went to FORT OGLETHORPE, which is the name of our friends' duplex (I think everyone here in Athens names their homes, because at some point in time, you are more than likely to host a music show or an art show or some sort of public event or group meeting. For example, our house = Rancho Cocoa). Our friends, Blake and Sara, are in a band called GEMINI and Missy are part-time members, as is Terri's boyfriend, Jay...anyways, they host a monthly house show at Fort Oglethorpe called "The Cozy Cozy Cocoa Show". There's usually hot cocoa, food, and of course, a handful of local bands and always at least one touring band:



(Missy showing off the Aranzi Aronzo bunny she made)

From the house show we dashed over to the local art-house cinema, Ciné, to see some Oscar-nominated short films. The rainy weather was a chance for Terri to use her cool-ass giraffe umbrella:

CINE 4004

CINE 4008

(a scene from an animated version of Prokofiev's "Peter and the Wolf")

Earlier today we were running errands and decided to stop by THE WHITE TIGER, which is this awesome gourmet chocolate shop in town. Me and Missy were really really diggin' these chocolate Easter lambs and cats with freaky-looking eyes:




We ended up bringing home some chocolate-covered goodies for us to enjoy. Looks like today is going to be a high-calorie day...

Later tonight we're heading out to Commerce, to this pizza shop called Little Italy...our friend Shelly is having a birthday party there. Her girlfriend's son owns and operates the restaurant, so it should be plenty of fun. I'm looking forward to downing mass quantities of New York-style pizza...but I'm not looking forward to feeling guilty (and sick?) on Sunday. Maybe I'll do penance with one hour of cardio on sunday...

-R A O U L

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