Tuesday, March 11, 2008

She's Crafty

Alright...so, the past couple of nights Missy and I have been crafting in order to replenish our stock. Lately, our crafts have been food-related. Psychologically, I don't know what this means. Maybe we like to eat, or maybe we're not eating enough. Or maybe it's because our food-related items seem to sell well...I mean, everyone can relate to food, right? Me, I'm working on some new plush ice cream cones:


The finished cones are a foot high and 4-5 inches wide, with a little jingly bell in the middle, and they'll all have happy, smiley faces. Hopefully, in a couple of months i'll have about 8 of them made? I dunno...it's kinda wishful thinking. I hand-sew everything, so it will probably take a while longer than I'd like to reach that goal. Meanwhile, Missy worked on these little felt apples:


She calls them "Blythe Apples", because she's making them sized for her Blythe dolls...they're not specifically for Blythe dolls, though. She's really making them into necklace charms. We have this basket shaped like an elephant's head that we store our scrap felt in...Missy is using the scraps to make her apples - the other night she had the basket dumped out on the couch and it looked like the elephant's head exploded:


Speaking of apples, we have to give a shout out to and say congratulations to our friend, and local Athens gal, EMILY MARTIN, a.k.a. THE BLACK APPLE...she was a guest on the MARTHA STEWART SHOW this morning, teaching the folks at home how to make these oh-so-cute little dolls. We're so excited for her! If you didn't know already, Emily is a talented painter and crafter (and fashionista of impeccable taste to boot!) who's soon to be a household name. We're proud to know her and we're constantly inspired by her artistry and work ethic. CONGRATULATIONS EMILY! You can go to the MARTHA STEWART website to download Emily's doll pattern and instructions and you should definitely check out the BLACK APPLE blog HERE.

Emily & Jenny

Here's a photo of our friends Emily and Jenny (who crafts under the name PRAIRIE DOG INC.) at the SNOWFLAKE SOIREE craft sale in Athens that Missy organized back in winter 2005...

At this very moment, Missy is working on some TOFU BABY comics, and me, I'm just tuning into re-runs of THE OFFICE on T.V...


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