Monday, March 24, 2008

Hide And Seek


Ay...soooo yesterday we got up early again so we could attend another massive "egg hunt", THE GARRISON FAMILY ANNUAL EASTER EGG HUNT, in Homer, Georgia...what used to be the "world's largest" egg hunt, but is now just "Georgia's largest" egg hunt. We started the morning off by unwrapping the CHOCOLATE BUNNY we had bought from WHITE TIGER, the gourmet candy shop in town:


Missy tried to sit the bunny up so we could take photos of it...but it fell over backwards and cracked. And the way the bunny cracked was super freaky, because it made the bunny look like it had a gaping mouth. Like, the bunny was already freaky-looking because the candy eyes, but the gaping mouth just made the bunny look even more so:






Later, we picked up our friends Jay and Terri and headed out to Homer, Georgia...we parked down the street from the Garrison farm and joined the gang of people making their way across the road and up to the egg hunt...

HOMER 4574

HOMER 4575

HOMER 4578

I told Missy to pretend that she was "laying an egg":

HOMER 4580

HOMER 4582

HOMER 4588

The announcer, a family friend of the Garrisons', welcomed everyone to the egg hunt...he read off a list of stats: there were over 100,000 candy "eggs" scattered within the fenced-in field; there were 50 prize eggs that each had a gift certificate to Sonny's Barbeque; and there were 100 grand prize eggs sealed in zip-lock bags that could be turned in for one of three prizes - a giant stuffed Easter bunny, a huge Easter basket filled with goodies, or a real live, honest-to-goodness RABBIT. After announcing the prizes, the MC counted down from "10" and at the end of the countdown, a herd of people stampeded into the field:

HOMER 4603

HOMER 4606

Soon, Missy, Terri, Jay and I entered the field and joined the fray (the mass of people, not the band who performs the theme song to "Grey's Anatomy" - haha)...and it was soon after that, that me and Missy got separated from Jay and Terri. There were so many people there that it was easy to get lost in the crowd:

HOMER 4612

HOMER 4624

HOMER 4616
(Terri and Jay dissappearing into the rabble)

HOMER 4631

HOMER 4629

HOMER 4632

HOMER 4635

Like everybody else, we tried hard to find any sort of prize egg...well, maaaybe not as hard as everyone else. I overheard these two little kids talking:

Kid A - "Are you looking under the poop?"

Kid B - "Yuuup!"

The field was pretty much a mine field of cow patties...turns out that the Garrison Farm was not just a farm in name - it's a real, working farm. So, not only were our eyes cast downward in search of prize eggs, our eyes were on the ground making sure we didn't step in some organic mess. After a while of futile searching, we decided to make our way back to where the announcer was standing...

HOMER 4643

HOMER 4641
(we saw this girl carrying around a live baby chick in a bright pink cage)

Luckily, Terri and Jay had the same idea as us and also made their way back to the stage turned out that Jay found a prize egg! He won a free sandwich from Sonny's Barbeque...mission accomplished!

HOMER 4646

On the way back to Athens, we stopped at this mailbox that we had seen earlier on our way to the egg hunt:

HOMER 4655

When we sped by it the first time, we thought that it was a figure of Jesus perched on a mailbox...WTF? But on closer inspection, we decided that it was actually a plastic figure of Joseph taken from an outdoor nativity scene, strapped to the back of the mailbox...(our friend Elizabeth suggested that the mailbox really needed St. Anthony of Padua, "the patron saint of mail")


eric boogiepop said...

No, that's not Joseph. That's just a shepherd. I know because my family has that figure, and also because that figure has a shepherd's cane.


Mystery solved! Thanks Eric! haha!

TeenSleuth said...

I laughed so hard at freaky chocolate bunny. It looks positively scary! I think it would be a more appropriate if chocolate easter bunnies were just poured into a mold that looked like that.

Also, you do know that Liz just got back from two weeks in China, right?