Friday, March 14, 2008

A Spoonful Of Sugar Makes The Medicine Go Down

CHINA 4105

Early this morning, Missy and I had an appointment at the University of Georgia Travel Clinic. We were there to get vaccinated for Typhoid. In a couple of weeks we're going to be travelling to China for work. We're going to be developing products at various factories over there and we'll be gone for a couple of weeks (both me and Missy work in the art department of a large company that designs, sells, and distributes "balloons and coordinating gift items" - Missy is a product designer and I am the resource librarian for the department)...since neither of us had travelled to China before, the company advised that we get vaccinated for several diseases...a couple of weeks ago I got vaccinations for Diptheria, Whooping Cough, and Hepatitis A and B. Today, both me and Missy got immunized for thing is, the company is paying for all the medical stuff AND we got to go to the clinic while we were on the clock. So, we got paid for sitting in waiting rooms...woo hoo!

Funny thing today was that before we could get our medication, we had to meet with a "travel advisor"...she sorted out what vaccinations we had already and what other ones we should consider getting. She also offered us safety and health advice in the form of pamphlets and handouts...the funny part was that she started to tell us that we might get "explosive diarrhea" if we ate the wrong things or drank the local water, and she did it with a straight face...she gave us this handout titled "Travellers' Diarrhea" (which was often reffered to as "T.D.")...the handout was basically this story written to scare the crap out of you (no pun intended!) - a way to get travellers to realize what real health dangers are lurking out there when visiting a third-world country. Kinda like a "scared straight" for travellers...the story is hilarious. If i had enough time, I'd type it out word for word...perhaps I'll have to save it for another day...

CHINA 4106

(the pharmacy at the health center......there was a vintage glass bottle filled with all these colored pills that looked really cool, sitting on a shelf at the pharmacy...I was a little embarrassed about taking photos in the waiting room, so I was kinda taking them on the sly. Otherwise, I would have liked to have gotten a much better shot...)

On the way home we decided to treat ourselves to some BLACK FOREST BAKERY (they're famous around these parts for their blueberry doughnuts...mmmmmmm)


We were hoping that they would have Easter cupcakes, but they didn't...instead, they had these bomb-ass LEPRECHAUN CUPCAKES! They started calling to me and Missy - "take us home, and we'll show you to our pot of gold!"


...of course, we ended up bringing two of the leprechauns home with us. So far, no gold. If those little green bastards don't start talking soon they'll be having a party in my tummy...and it won't be a very fun one!


GEMINI CRICKET and OH FORTUNA at Flicker Theater & Bar tonight! Come if you can! Hopefully later tonight (if we're not too tired) I'll post the premier of our "Weekend Wind-Down" stay tuned!

-R A O U L

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You're going to China! How cool is that? Hope you don't get T.D.