Friday, March 21, 2008

JAMMY JAMM #21 + #22

Jammy Jam #22

Hey! I *just* found out about this show today...through MySpace! I always seem to be the last to find out about shows that FOLKLORE is playing. Actually, it was Missy who was on MySpace and yelled out to me, "did you know that Folklore has a show tomorrow night at the 40Watt?"...I think that the band thought I would be in China and wouldn't be able to perform, and so never informed me about the least that's what I think! haha! Who knows, maybe it's a subtle hint that they don't want me in the band anymore? I don't think so (like I said, this isn't the first time that I was the last one to find out about a show we were playing...I was once at a restaurant and I ran into Aaron, our trombone/bass player...he saw me and asked, "hey, are you playing the show with us tonight at the 40Watt? It starts in like, an hour..." I, of course, had no idea...but I did end up running home, grabbing my trumpet, and making the show in time...)

If you didn't know, the JAMMY JAMMZ are a series of (usually) free shows that happen here in Athens, put on by Party Party Partners, a local promotion company. There's usually a ton of bands playing in a short amount of time...there's usually two stages, with the action alternating between the stages. Each band gets about half-an-hour to perform and there's no breaks between bands...non-stop music + a variety of cool bands + no cover charge = a great night of music in Athens!

Tonight, Jammy Jamm #21 is happening as I'm typing this...tomorrow night is Jammy Jamm #22. We're opting out of attending tonight since we'll be out all night tomorrow (plus, we're rather tired tonight and just want to stay home and vegetate)...Tomorrow night, we'll be playing with a bunch of new KINDERCORE RECORDS bands, including head honcho Ryan Lewis's band THE BUDDY, it should be a great night all around. If you happen to be in Athens, Georgia this Saturday, then come on over to the 40's FREE and it's FUN!

-R A O U L

p.s. I just found out that Folklore will be performing as a three piece tonight, which means I won't be playing...but I'll probably be watching! So, come on out regardless, because it's going to be a fun show....

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