Monday, March 10, 2008

A Hot Mess

Dang it. I HATE daylight totally threw off my game today. Also, nothing seems to be "working right" becuase of it. For example, tonight I won't be able to post what I originally wanted to post about because my Flickr account is being all weird and it won't let me upload new photos. On top of that, Missy just came in here and told me that she just accidently shrunk one of her favorite sweaters in the dryer - and a pair of new socks. Everything is a hot mess today. That's right, I'm blaming our shitty day on daylight savings. Daylight savings SUCKS.

Yesterday, we spent the majority of the day doing yardwork and housework. Our evening was spent crafting in front of the television while watching the season finale of Breaking Bad. Again, I was going to share some photos of our progress, but alas, Flickr is on a bummer. So instead, here's a photo of Missy at the last craft show we participated in a couple weeks back - the AUX2 Experimental Music and Arts Festival, here in Athens:

AUX2 3852 we're gonna go get this day over with...good night!

-R A O U L


emily august said...

hey raoul. glad to see all these flickr photos now have a home. i've linked you from my blog and i'll be checking in time to time!



Thanks, Emily! I didn't know you were on Blogger...thanks for the link! We'll be sure to link to your Go Go Distro Blog...yay!

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