Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Runway Finale!

Tonight is pretty much set...8pm to 9pm - watch new season...ahem, new CYCLE...of America's Next Top Model...9pm-10pm - craft, check some email, lift some weights, eat some snacks, whatev...10pm till it's done - watch the Project Runway Finale...I don't know about y'alls, but I'm kinda hoping that Christian wins because, even though he's a little bitch and a little too 80's for anybody's good, his creations ARE FIERCE and there's no denying his talent. And the dude is like, only 21 years old. That's pretty damn cool. I'm sure Missy is pulling for Jillian, even though we both agree that she has the personality of a piece of cardboard most of the time...anyways, as long as Rami doesn't win, right? We're gonna be at the edge of our seats tonight...yay for DRAMA!


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