Thursday, March 6, 2008

Nilla One

The title of tonight's post is from an Adam Ant song. This is our "killer in the home", our cat Nilla:


Today, me and Missy came home and found a mouse torn to bits and pieces...I'll spare you the bloody details. I think Nilla had been stalking the mouse for the past couple of weeks (it was a couple of weeks ago that we discovered mouse droppings under the bathroom sink). I actually took a picture of what was left of the mouse with the intention of posting it to the blog, but luckily for you, I thought better of it and decided instead to post a cute picture of Nilla. I think from now on, Thursdays' post will feature a photo of Nilla.

Last night, I managed to finish this scarf before Project Runway started:

SCARF 3943

It's two-tone, pink and orange and over seven-and-a-half feet long...I'm not sure if I'm feelin' it though. Maybe if the pink was a little less neon, or if the orange was a little more brighter, I'd like it more. So, instead of keeping it, I think I'll try selling it at the next couple of craft shows (don't worry, I weaved in all the loose ends since taking the photo...) The big CRAFTSTRAVAGANZAA craft sale in Athens is coming this May, and then I.C.E. Atlanta is coming in June, so I'm going to need more stuff to sell anyways...

btw, I KNEW Christian was going to win!

-R A O U L

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