Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bad Medicine

CHINA 4682

Hey Y'all,

Last night, Missy and I started to fill our bodies with half-dead typhoid in the hopes of producing enough anti-bodies to help protect us from typhoid infection in China. The vaccination calls for the consumption of 4 pills, every other day, until all the pills are gone. Also, the pills have to be taken on an empty stomach because they may cause "abdominal discomfort"...so far, no tummybugs. But we do feel pretty run down. So, we'll keep this post short. Tonight will be about chilling out and trying to get some mundane things done - like, the dishes...


...so, until next time (tomorrow?), please enjoy this video by one of mine and Missy's all-time favorite bands, UNREST...it's a homemade video (by Mark Robinson, no less!) for their classic song "So So Sick"...(or, click on the title to this post for a different video following the same sorta theme...)

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