Saturday, May 8, 2010

Zen And The Art Of Car Crashing

CRASH 1239

Friday mornings Missy and I have to get to work early for our weekly 6:30am CRITIQUE MEETING in the Art Department. As if critiques aren't contentious enough, the early morning roll call helps to make the whole situation even more "fun"...but I digress. We were taking our usual route, right next to the GEORGIA SQUARE MALL, when the beat-up hooptie in the right lane next to us, decided to make a U-TURN right in front of us. Missy yelled, "Look out!", but it was too late. The driver neglected to see my car sidling up into their BLIND SPOT, before we knew it, the corner of his landboat crashed right into the passenger side front tire. Luckily, it was slow speed impact, but still...the crash was enough to dent up the wheel well and bend the front axle. Gah!

CRASH 1241

I jumped out of my car and two elderly yokels exited their car and asked if we were okay. I asked the driver if I could see his insurance information and he said that he didn't think he had I asked to see his license. I sensed that he didn't want to cooperate, so I quickly went into my backpack to pull out my camera and started taking photos of the accident scene. The other driver said, "we should move our cars out of the way!" and quickly jumped in his car and moved it before I could take a photo. At that same moment, a POLICE CRUISER pulled up...THANK GOD! because I really thought the other driver was going to take off. The officer rolled down his window and asked, "Do you need help?" I said, "Yes! We just had an auto accident and the guy that hit me is over there..." I pointed over to the two dudes and their sloppy jalopy, and I could see the disappointment in their faces...I though, "Ha ha, YES! You mother-effers aren't getting away with this!"

The cop asked me for my license and insurance and I complied. He asked the other driver for HIS license and insurance and - surprise, surprise - he handed it over quickly. The cop wrote up his report and gave me business card with my case number on it. My tire was so messed up I was barely able to move my car into a parking space in the mall parking lot. We locked up the car and walked the rest of our way to work...which only took us about 5 minutes. We managed being late to our meeting by only 15 minutes or so.

CRASH 1240

I guess I'm not too upset because we weren't hurt at all - the accident could have been much worse - and, I figure, the other driver's insurance is going to cover the cost of my repairs. So, there's no use in getting upset. Again, I'm just glad that neither me or Missy got hurt and I'm glad that cop had perfect timing...

CRASH 1242


emelia said...

Sloppy Jalopy. Sounds delicious. You don't know me, but I'm happy you two are ok.


Thanks, Emelia! We appreciate it! Yeah, my boss asked me if the other car sustained any damage and I told him I really couldn't tell because their car was in such a poor state already...I almost couldn't get mad because it was obvious that the other driver had a rougher life than me...

Grace said...

Oh no! Well I'm glad you all are okay!
We were in an accident in January.

Here's a picture-



Yikes! That's much worse than our little fender bender. That's what I meant when I said it could've been much worse...I assume that all of you were alright?