Saturday, May 15, 2010

Always Crashing In The Same Car

CRASH 1358

LORD FOCUS, my Ford Focus is still out of commission from last week's CAR ACCIDENT...I'm waiting on the other insurance company to cut me a check so I can take my car to get fixed. In the meantime, I got a myself a copy of my police report, just to make sure the cop got all the facts straight. He got all the details of the accident right except for one thing: my "RACE". He marked me as WHITE...WTF?

CRASH 1352

Athens folks...if you're gonna get into an accident, don't get into one on any of the roads circling the GEORGIA SQUARE MALL. Those roads are considered "private property". It's $24.00 to get a copy of your police report if a car accident happens on private property, versus $3.00 to get a copy of your report if a car accident occurs on "public property", like on a highway, or main street. Total rip off. In the schematic, Lord Focus is car #2...I love how it says "not to scale" and the little arrow that points out where BURGER KING is...

CRASH 1354

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