Sunday, May 23, 2010

Church Of Craft!

C.O.C.A. 7463
(Sister Missy knitting at a Church Of Craft meet-up in Sister Elizabeth's livingroom...)

Hey Y'all!

We're having our first CHURCH OF CRAFT ATHENS meeting of's the first Church Of Craft meeting in over a year and we're hosting it at RANCHO COCOA! If you're interested in attending future meet-ups (or want to try to come to today's meeting) then join our FACEBOOK PAGE HERE...or, if you're just interested in finding out what Church Of Craft is all about (I assure you, it's not cult!) or are interested in starting a chapter in your own town, then check out the official Church Of Craft page HERE or official Church Of Craft Facebook page HERE...

Yours in Craft,
Brother Raoul


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