Friday, May 21, 2010

Mini Drawings for You

Tiny Little Bird drawing., originally uploaded by sugar-cookie.

I am getting my Shoppe Sugar Cookie orders ready to mail, but I thought it would be fun to include an original mini drawing in this batch! I made some mini drawings I thought would be really cute to place inside my packages. This bird was done with a sumi-e pen that is one of my favorites to draw with. The line quality is beautiful.

Apple Green drawing to put in my Etsy orders.
Here is a mini drawing I made of a gal in green and holding an apple. I love drawing clothes and I always have. You know, I should have been a fashion designer, no?

Pink Cuppy drawing to place in my Etsy orders.
Who does not love a pink cupcake?

Red Hood drawing I am keeping cos I like this one.
This one almost made it into the mail, but I liked Red Hood too much. She is staying with me for the time being...!


Alex Duenkel said...

I got one of these and I love it!
Thank you so much...

Church of Craft Athens said...

You are welcome, Alex! Super!