Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Laura Marling

Last night Raoul took me to Atlanta to see the lovely Laura Marling. Please forgive the photos I am using from her facebook fan page. There was a sign saying "No Photos" when you walked in. I have never been to a show that said this, so we did not even sneak one photo (which I have been known to do!). I have to say, Laura Marling is one of my top favs at the moment, and it was so good to hear her music in a live setting. Her voice is amazing to me and she is just so adorable on stage! And she is tiny! Above is a photo that best reminded me of last night's show - but her hair last night reminded me of a vanilla ice cream curly-Q, too.

Laura Marling letter (photo from her facebook page).
Here is another picture from her Facebook fan page. Apologies for this, but you simply must have some visual in this post.

Last, I leave you with her video for "My Manic and I." I think you will enjoy the animations in this video as much as I do.

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