Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day, Mama Ruth!


Happy Mothers Day, Mom! I just wanted to take this time to wish my Mom a happy and fun day...NO COOKING! I wish I could be there in Riverside, CA to help celebrate...I love you Mom, and I appreciate all that you have done for me, for taking care of all of US, and for "bringing us up proper"...I think you've brought up three very creative, smart, resourceful, well-balanced, and kind-hearted kids - all of which can be contributed to good (GREAT!) parenting. I love you and I miss you! Love, your baby boy, Raoul...

Above is my mother, RUTH, with me, Cynthia, and Belinda (both of whom are sporting boyish pixie cuts (a.k.a. bowl cuts) courtesy of my Dad (who is obviously not a barber). I think this is our living room in PLAINSBORO, New Jersey? (I was born in NJ) or else our living room in POMPANO BEACH, Florida (my sisters were both born in FL). Not sure. In that photo, my mom is much younger than I am now, and it's funny to think of her as being younger than me. But there she is, younger than me, raising a trio of rambunctious kids (knowing how crazy my nieces and nephew are, it's only natural to think that the apples don't fall far from the tree!)...below is the whole fam reclining on the couch (Dad, you should have moved those cups out of the way!). Check out the scowl on my face! That's about right...and check out my original BATTLESTAR GALACTICA used to launch little foam VIPER spaceships...


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