Wednesday, May 26, 2010


COCA 1543

Last Sunday, we had a meet-up for the Athens branch of the CHURCH OF CRAFT here at RANCHO COCOA...we had a lot of fun! We kicked things off by introducing the pets to everybody...Audrey got into Oreo's pen and tried to tempt our bunny out of her tent with some carrots while Nilla sat on her lounger and supervised all the action in our livingroom...

COCA 1406

COCA 1408

COCA 1410

Missy got to work on cutting out little felt slices of FRENCH TOAST, while Clare drew in her sketchbook. Gary showed up sans craft project, so we put him to work...he cut out ONE-INCH BUTTON designs and then pressed them in the badge press. Soon, everyone took turns making their own one-inch badges...

COCA 1412

COCA 1414

COCA 1420

COCA 1424

COCA 1557

COCA 1559

COCA 1421

Beky embroidered CAT AND HEART DESIGNS on felt and then pressed them into badges, while Clare turned some of her drawings into WEARABLE ART...

COCA 1554

COCA 1556

COCA 1416

COCA 1415

COCA 1544

Elizabeth worked on a spotted FELTED BALL and Beky worked on her EMBROIDERED OWLS...

COCA 1418

COCA 1546

All the while, we ate a bunch of food, listened to music, and watched the HANDMADE NATION documentary. After the younger crafters left, we closed the night out with comic heartthrob Aziz Ansari's "Intimate Moments For A Sensual Evening" dvd in the hopes of inspiring Gary's fledgling career as a stand-up comic...

COCA 1552

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