Sunday, May 30, 2010

Vacation In The Rust Belt

PITTS 1472

Friday, Missy and I packed up her shiny silver VW Bug and hit the road going north, hoping to get to her hometown of PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA, within the usual 12-hour time frame we are accustomed to. If millions of people hit the roads this holiday weekend, we didn't run into any of them (as we had expected) and we made it to PA in record time, despite a couple of distractions...the first one being DEL TACO somewhere in SOUTH CAROLINA...

PITTS 1425

I had never seen a Del Taco in the South or on the East Coast before. Sure, there are plenty of Taco Bells, but it's not the same thing. You can't get fries and EL SCORCHO hot sauce from Taco Bell. Growing up in California, Del Taco is arguably as quintessentially Californian as say, IN-'N'-OUT BURGERS...feeling a bit nostalgic, I exited the highway and "forced" us to have fast food for breakfast...

PITTS 1426

PITTS 1430

We zoomed by the GIANT ASS-SHAPED PEACH in Gaffney, South Carolina, and managed to click-off these couple of photos...

PITTS 1431

PITTS 1433

PITTS 1438

PITTS 1441

We hit some heavy rain storms as we paid the entrance fee into WEST VIRGINIA...

PITTS 1444

Late in the afternoon, we were enticed to stray off the highway again by signs advertising the WAFFLE HUT - OPEN 24 HOURS...turns out that the Waffle Hut was a combo restaurant/gas station/motel and it looked really really sketchy. We gassed up and headed down the street to THE SADDEST SUBWAY IN THE WORLD for a quick bite to eat. The young sandwich artists there might as well had "FML" tattooed on their foreheads they looked so utterly defeated by life. I joked that our 6" Veggie Delite sandwiches had little chunks of coal in it. It was also the first Subway shop I'd ever seen that sold biscuits and gravy...

PITTS 1447

PITTS 1446

PITTS 1448

We stopped at the Welcome Center after having crossed the border between West Virginia and Pennsylvania. We freshened up and fished out Missy's cell phone, which accidently slid underneath the driver's seat. We picked up a bunch of pamphlets and called Missy's family to say we were about 150 miles away. Southwestern PA is part of COAL MINING COUNTRY, so the rest stop had displays and tributes to the area's hard working coal mining families...

PITTS 1474

PITTS 1449

PITTS 1450

PITTS 1452

PITTS 1454

PITTS 1465

PITTS 1466

PITTS 1458

PITTS 1460

PITTS 1461

PITTS 1462

PITTS 1468

PITTS 1470

PITTS 1471

PITTS 1479

PITTS 1480

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