Friday, May 23, 2008

Wiikend Wind-Down

DOGS 7504

We've been busy lately house-sitting and pet-sitting for our co-workers/friends, SHERRYL and LYNN, who are off on a well-deserved and long-overdue vacation. We've been taking care of their two Pekingese dogs, HARVEY and LIZA. Liza is frenzied ball of energy and Harvey is a bit of a high-maintenance grump...together, they are quite a handful...these are some photos from yesterday's visit...

Harvey greeted us from the comfort of his armchair:

DOGS 7478

Missy decided to take Liza outside to play fetch with her pink sock monkey:

DOGS 7492

DOGS 7494

DOGS 7497

Some of the funky decor in Sherryl and Lynn's backyard:

DOGS 7506

Missy and Liza ham it up for the camera...

DOGS 7508

DOGS 7509

DOGS 7510

DOGS 7512

Harvey bid us adieu:

DOGS 7515

Later, we decided to buy a Wii with some of our pet-sitting earnings! We had been putting it off for a while now because really, we've been too busy with so many things that we really didn't need another distraction...buuuuut, with a nice three-day weekend ahead of us and a little extra money in our pocket, we decided to finally cave-in...


Tomorrow, we're hoping to get up early and try our luck again with the FARMER'S MARKET...fingers crossed that we're actually able (and willing) to get up early on a saturday morning...

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