Wednesday, May 14, 2008

China Day Four - Shanghai

CHINA 5698

Our second day in Shanghai wasn't as fun as the first. We spent most of the day being chauffeured from factory to factory in a mini van. We'd work for a couple of hours in one factory designing plush, then we'd pack up, travel 20-30 minutes to the next factory, and then spend the next couple of hours designing flower pots. We passed the time we spent traveling taking blurry photos out the van, there was a separate lane for bicycles, tricycles, mopeds, scooters, AND motorcycles. It looked super dangerous, especially if you were pedaling a bicycle or tricycle:

CHINA 5699

We saw a traffic sign that pointed the way to an indoor skiing complex:

CHINA 5701

Arches like this one were a common sight:

CHINA 5703

So were arches like these:

CHINA 5705

We ended up going through the 24-hour drive-thru for a quick lunch in-between factory visits:

CHINA 5707

CHINA 5708

More drive-by scenery:

CHINA 5709

CHINA 5710

We liked the big strawberry on the mudflap of this motorcycle:

CHINA 5711

On the way back to the hotel we saw this giant Takashi Murakami-esque sculpture on the side of the freeway - a gigantic plastic-looking tree made up of these colorful over-sized flowers...this photo doesn't really do it any justice. Really, it was an amazing and unexpected sight to see:

CHINA 5716

Back in our room, we watched this "We Are The World"-style music video promoting the 2008 Olympic Games in can't really tell, but the third photo is JACKIE CHAN showing up at the very end of the video saying, "WELCOME TO BEIJING!" in english:

CHINA 5719

CHINA 5720

CHINA 5721

CHINA 5722

CHINA 5725

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