Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nilla Eight

DIRECTIONS: click on the YouTube video of the JAMSTER "SCHNUFFEL BUNNY" singing the "Snuggle Song"...THEN, while the song is playing, slowly scroll down to look at the photos of Nilla being held, petted, and snuggled...

NILLA 0230

NILLA 0231

NILLA 0232

NILLA 0237

NILLA 0238

NILLA 0239

...I'm so tired right now...stayed up late watching the Laker game and then had to get up early for work. I wanted to blog more about our trip to China (it's taking forever, right?), but...ack...too tired. As soon as THE OFFICE season finale is over, I'm off to bed...good night!

-R A O U L


eric boogiepop said...

So, like, I followed your directions and started the YouTube video before looking at the Nilla pictures. But then I actually looked at the video and I thought, "Is that bunny singing to the carrot?!"

And that reminded me of another song...

Carrots are my favorite vegetables, so I went to the farm just to propose to one. [He's in love with a girl, he's in love with someone real.]

She's a carrot, carrot, yeah.

Rabbits can't compete with my passion, love is in fashion, me and my carrot. [He's in love...]

And so on. I wonder if anyone other than me recognizes that song that I just quoted...


Is it a Stephen Merritt song? JUST KIDDING!

eric boogiepop said...

I'm surprised you didn't know it, since you seem to be somewhat familiar with songs that have been on MTV...

It's a Sifl and Olly song.

'90s! Yay!


Yeah, I never got into Sifl and Olly, believe it or not...that's why I don't know it. I don't remember what I was into during that period...I think that was my "heavy drinking" period, haha! (half-joking)