Monday, May 12, 2008

Hot & Handmade

ZAA 0251
(Missy's sock monkey and sock elephant and plush horse...the monkey and horse got adopted!)

Good Evening!

Well, I would have liked to have posted this sooner, but Missy and I got it in our heads to make mashed potatoes and "Grit Gravy" (a recipe from the Grit cookbook) as soon as we got home from work...needless to say, all that viscous potato and gravy goodness knocked us out! And we ended up taking a rather extended nap. Whoops.

Anyways, the CRAFTSTRAVAGANZAA sale on saturday was a lot of fun and a big success for us! Yeah! We got to see a lot of our friends and meet some really nice people and we were inspired by other people's crafts...we were so happy for being able to take part in such a great event with so many truly talented people. For REALZ. The only issue I had with the sale was the was hot and humid. It had rained very briefly in the middle of the night. The moisture and sunlight conspired to make the day steamy and miserable...I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted because we were busy...but also, it was so hot that I did not want to venture far from the shade of the tent that we borrowed from our friend Carol...

ZAA 0249

(Missy setting up our booth)

ZAA 0252

(...rain, rain, go away! We ended up selling all of these plush raindrops!)

ZAA 0253

(These dudes were modeled after the neck pillow that Missy made for our trip to China)

ZAA 0254

ZAA 0263

(Baskets of plush fruit...apples, black "poison apples", an orange, and a blueberry - "blue" because it's "sad")

ZAA 0265

(Sara from GEMINI CRICKET showed up to the craft sale early in order to get the best possible selection...)

ZAA 0266

(Later that morning, someone thought Sara was Missy! Understandable, considering both of them are petite, and they were both wearing black tops...)

ZAA 0268

(...not sure what Sara is doing in this shot, but I DO KNOW that she is NOT making fun of Asian people...)

ZAA 0270

(The view of our "no frills" temporary store)

ZAA 0271

ZAA 0275

(Yvonne, the girl who had the booth next to us, suddenly realized that she had left her purse in the bathroom at Starbucks...Missy volunteered to watch over her booth as Yvonne ran the couple of blocks to the coffee shop)

ZAA 0277

ZAA 0279

(Folks rummaging through my "bargain bin")

ZAA 0284

(Missy is astounded by all the awesomeness in the GLUE & GLITTER tent)

ZAA 0285

(A young fan of Missy's named Audrey gave us this drawing she did of TOFU BABY! Well, multiple Tofu Babies! We proudly hung it up in our booth during the soon as we get a chance, we are getting it framed. Thank you, Audrey!)

ZAA 0288

(A couple of brown bunnies kickin' it under our tent)

ZAA 0294

(Sara Gemini Cricket, Terri, and Jay Gemini Cricket loitering outside our booth)

ZAA 0298

(One of the best moments of the day was when Amelia came and leashed her dog at our booth...luckily, he didn't poop on my pouches)

ZAA 0299

ZAA 0300

ZAA 0303

ZAA 0304

ZAA 0311

(This couple rolled by with a wagon full of labrador puppies that they were trying to sell for $400 a piece...Missy got a chance to pet a real dog)

ZAA 0314

Towards the end of the day, our friends Chris and Marie, who were visiting from Atlanta, stopped by our booth on their way home, and showed us the vintage records that they had scored at School Kids Records...we were all very excited about the LEO SAYER record they found...I mean, check out that album cover! You know that record is solid gold!

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