Friday, May 30, 2008

Fo' Show!

(The French Toasts pull out their best dance moves at an Athens house party)


THE FRENCH TOASTS (me and Missy), are playing a show tomorrow night (05-31-08) at THE SPILLAGE HOME FOR WAYWARD YOUTH, a.k.a., THE SPILLAGE HOUSE...and and and! we're playing with our friends GEMINI CRICKET and CAPTAIN #1! Fudge YEAH! and and and we're also playing with special outta town guests CAMP LOOPS, who are coming all the way out from Kent, Ohio...the show is going to be a "family friendly" affair, so bring the young 'uns...and, being such, the show is gonna start early - at 7pm. The Spillage House (for those of you who have never's ok, we've never been either, so we can de-virginize together, ok?) is on MILLAGE AVE., across the street from the holy trinity of Dunkin'Donuts/31 Flavors/Taco Stand...more precisely, 649 N. Millege Ave...there is going to be a POTLUCK....a CHILDREN'S ART SHOW....MUSIC-A-PLENTY....and GOOD TIMES TO BE HAD.

Me and Missy have yet to practice a single note and we have to make zine things to hand out (we're maybe gonna do a miniature coloring book? dunno yet), we were going to try and learn some new songs, seems doubtful. Oh well.

In other news, I've just been having a "bad week"...I know, woe is me, right? But, I'm over it. Lots of people in the world are having it waaaaay worse than me, so I really have no reason to mope or, THE LAKERS kicked ass on the SPURS this week so I'm happy for that (yeah, that shit matters to me...I grew up rooting for the Lakers, so what?)...and, lots of other good things are coming our way. Like tomorrow night's show! (must remember to put on bug repellant)

So, to recap: THE FRENCH TOASTS. CAPTAIN #1. GEMINI CRICKET. CAMP LOOPS. this SATURDAY at THE SPILLAGE HOUSE on MILLEGE AVE. 7PM. Bring your children. Bring your pets. Bring snacks if you want. Bring money for the touring band. Gas is expensive. They need help. Bring a smile or two. GOOD VIBRATIONS!

Go HERE if you need more info...

-R A O U L

(some instruments cluttering-up a corner of our craft room)

Dig this tribute to MR. TOAST!


janice said...

wish i could be there!!!

just sending some x's and o's to help ya through the crummy-ass week! BOO!!! xoxoxo!


awww, thanks! Last night I topped off my crummy-ass week by spilling an entire glass full of coke all over myself and the table. I was sticky. THAT pretty much summed up my week right there...but the weekend is here now and so far, so good! (knock on wood)