Tuesday, May 13, 2008

China Day Three, Part IV - Shanghai, The Bund

CHINA 5630

We headed back down Nanjing Road in search of THE BUND, the strip of European-style buildings that date back to Shanghai's colonial period and line the HUANGPU RIVER. As we headed down Nanjing, we saw a huge crowd of people watching this saxophone player performing from this golden balcony:

CHINA 5631

I didn't realize it until now, but the saxophone player was playing the theme song to this popular Chinese TV drama called "Shanghai Beach (The Bund)":

We made a point to stop at the blue "Expo 2010" statue that we missed the first time we went down Nanjing Road. We waited patiently for our turn to pose:

CHINA 5632

CHINA 5633

CHINA 5634

Following the crowds of tourists, we made our way down into the underpass that took you to the Huangpu River's waterfront:

CHINA 5637

CHINA 5640

CHINA 5641

Emerging from the underpass, we found ourselves facing The Bund on one side, and the Huangpu River and the famous Shanghai skyline on the other:

CHINA 5643

CHINA 5646

CHINA 5644

CHINA 5647

CHINA 5649

CHINA 5650

Unfortunately, our view of the skyline, and most notably, the PEARL TOWER, was obscured by fog. Even more unfortunate was the amount of garbage floating in the Huangpu...it was so bad that Missy and I rechristened the Huangpu River as "Who Flung Poo In The River":

CHINA 5651

We saw this street vendor selling kites on the waterfront:

CHINA 5654

CHINA 5655

CHINA 5658

Walking down the waterfront a bit, we came across this statue of CHAIRMAN MAO:

CHINA 5659

CHINA 5660

We decided to head back to the hotel before it got too dark. We made our way back up Nanjing Road and caught a cab. As the taxi sped down the crowded streets, we watched the neon lights pass us by...you know that part in the beginning of "Lost In Translation" where a tired-looking Bill Murray is riding in a cab, watching the neon-clad buildings speed by as he looked out the taxi window? Our trip back to the hotel was kinda like that:

CHINA 5663

CHINA 5667

Back at the hotel, Missy had a late-night snack in bed. She said, "pretend I'm in the hospital!" Missy soon fell asleep while I watched an NBA game in Chinese:

CHINA 5680

CHINA 5692

CHINA 5693

The t-shirt I bought in the MOCA gift shop pretty much sums up our first time in Shanghai:

CHINA 5669

CHINA 5678

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