Monday, May 26, 2008

Fresh Prints

("circus girl" print by Missy Kulik)

Yesterday, Sunday, Missy decided to make a bunch of limited edition GOCCO'd cards and prints of this really cute banana drawing she originally did for an issue of FRENCH IT UP!...we'll be taking them to the big I.C.E. ATLANTA craft sale in a couple of weeks, along with a buncha other new stuff...until then (or if you're too far to attend), you can order them from her website, MISSYKULIK.COM, or from her ETSY shop, SHOPPE SUGAR COOKIE...

Here's some images of Missy hard at work in our cluttered craft room, this holiday weekend...say it wit' me now, "this shit is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S"...

GOCCO 7622

GOCCO 7624

GOCCO 7625

GOCCO 7628

GOCCO 7630

GOCCO 7631

GOCCO 7632

GOCCO 7633

GOCCO 7634

GOCCO 7636

And now, for your summertime pleasure, FRESH PRINTS vs. FRESH PRINCE:


eric boogiepop said...

I ordered a banana! I got it because it was enough to get me a Simple Carnival EP, and...

I just like that banana drawing! It's funny because it reminds me of the cover of the first Velvet Underground album. But the banana on the Velvet Underground would never say, "Hey, Hi." So, Missy's banana is just beautifully absurd. And cute, just like most other things that Missy does.


Awesome! Yeah, as you can see in the photo, Missy didn't make very many of those...I've always liked that drawing for the same reason - because it reminded me of the VU banana, but much cuter. I'm trying to convince her to put that design on shirts...

Thanks for your order! You get a free CD!