Monday, May 5, 2008

Our House

(a scene from our mantle)

Just a quick is RANCHO COCOA's ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY! (Rancho Cocoa the house, that is)...we closed on our humble abode on May 1st, 2007...and moved in on Cinco de Mayo! So, not only is it a celebration of Mexico kicking ass on the French, but it's also a celebration of us moving into our kick-ass house. We spent the day celebrating by making food, staying in, and watching bad movies and even badder television...yay! At some point, Jay (minus his mustache) dropped by because he needed a break from writing a college paper. We fed him a sandwich, some risotto, and forced him to watch WALK HARD - THE DEWEY COX STORY...good times. Yay house!

NILLA 0135
(Missy and Nilla enjoying a quiet evening at Rancho Cocoa)

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