Friday, May 16, 2008

China Day Five - Shanghai to Huangyan

CHINA 5727
(Missy passing the time in the airport waiting lounge with an issue of Nylon)

Our fifth day in China started early - we had to catch a flight out of Shanghai at 7:20am. We were at the airport at least an hour before the flight, which meant we were up even earlier than that. We were plenty sleepy.

CHINA 5731
(riding the shuttle out to our plane)

CHINA 5738

CHINA 5748

CHINA 5749
(goodbye, Shanghai!)

CHINA 5745
(the tin of MOOMIN CANDY that Missy got in the airport in Shanghai...we LOVE Moomin!)

We hit the ground running once we touched down in Huangyan. Driving through the rain in a pair of minivans (basically, one for us and one for our luggage), we visited several factories. I took lots of pictures out the van window, but the many of them came out blurry...

CHINA 5755

CHINA 5756
(lanterns in the rain)

CHINA 5759
(lots of reminders that it was the Chinese "Year Of The Rat")

CHINA 5760
(one of the five "Fuwa" - the team of Beijing Olympics mascots)

CHINA 5768
(these boxy blue three-wheeled vehicles were a common sight in Huangyan - they were lo-fi lo-rent taxis)

CHINA 5777
(it was common to see a bus or a truck blaring it's horn coming headlong towards us - IN OUR LANE...apparently, lane markings are merely suggestive in China)

By the time we got to our hotel - the Yao Da International Hotel, which we affectionately called the "Yoda Hotel" - it was already dark and we were totally beat. We just rushed down to get some dinner and then rushed back up to our room to get some well-deserved rest...

CHINA 5782

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