Saturday, July 3, 2010

Welcome to Bear Hollow

Welcome to Bear Hollow., originally uploaded by sugar-cookie.

Yesterday evening I took Mom and Dad to Bear Hollow Park here in Athens. Bear Hollow is a little part of Memorial Park that houses rescued wildlife. You can go there and see the different animals at the park.

No running. No Pets in Zoo.

This section is a newer one. It has the alligators and a few turtles. We saw them sunning when we arrived. It was perfect outside and not super hot, like it has been lately! We also saw the alligators and turtle swimming in their pond.

Barn owl.
Here is the barn owl. This is one of my favorite owls, next to the snowy owl and screech owl.

This deer lives with a turkey.

Here is that turkey.

Resting bobcat.

Little bobcat.
The bobcats were out and very active! Here is a little blurry picture of one. There are two that live at Bear Hollow.

Mom and dad at Bear Hollow.
Here are some really wild animals!

Please do not feed them!

Bear print.
The big news at Bear Hollow are the two bear cubs that are now in their new home. They were not out when we visited, but maybe later this week we can go back to see them.

We took lots of pictures.
We took lots of pictures, as you can see!

Screech owl at Bear Hollow.
Here is the screech owl! It is so tiny and cute. I love the owl's eyes. It looked like it was winking.


Petting the baby possum.
Then we got to pet and see up close the baby possum (opossum?), Pete. Wow! It was so cute and soft. I would have never guessed that a possum was so soft.

Baby possum we got to pet!
The zoo keeper told us that Pete was raised by hand and someone found them and brought them to Bear Hollow. Pete had other siblings, but they were sleeping.

And there you have it, our day at Bear Hollow!

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