Monday, July 26, 2010

Papernstitch and Finger Puppets

Finger Puppets 12
I just wanted to show off my finger puppets I am working on, but first I have to tell you about papernstitch! Papernstitch is a great gallery of handmade goodies! It is a one stop shop for cream of the crop! So please check out my papernstitch gallery page, as well as all the other wonderful things there. Some of my favorite artists have galleries there, too!

Finger Puppets 10
So here is the progress on my finger puppets! I embroidered all the faces first and added cute embellishments. I made them have a little cut out face with a running stitch around the face. I think it makes it look like a little costume or maybe even a mask.

Finger Puppets 9
I even made some piggies while I watched the movie Penelope! I just love that movie. I love her clothes and her bedroom!

Finger Puppets 8
Here are some of my finger puppets that I completed! I made some kitties, bunnies, piggies, and bears. I used all kinds of felt. We had lots of scraps of felt from when Raoul sewed his pouches. It is nice to use up some of these scraps!

Finger Puppets 5

Finger Puppets 4

Finger Puppets 1

Finger Puppets 2
And I have lots more to make!

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