Saturday, July 10, 2010

Operation Cutify - Ceiling Fans

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Missy's parents LOVE to work on HOME IMPROVEMENT projects. So when they came to visit this past 4th of July weekend they asked us, "What needs to be done?" Anticipating their visit, Missy and I went out and bought a couple of new CEILING FANS at the local HOME DEPOT. They were about 60 bucks a piece, which we thought was a good deal. Last year, Missy's parents installed a brand new fan in the master bedroom, where once there was none, and they replaced the rickety old ceiling fan in our craft room (a job that was hastened when Missy's dad inadvertently snapped off one of the blades). We had two more fans that needed to be replaced, in the living room and in the SUPER DORM.

Both fans that needed to be replaced were 70's-era behemoths. The ceiling fan in the living room had wicker caning details in the blades and the motor on it was bulky. It was a big ugly brown monster hanging on our ceiling, waiting to fall on us (same as the ceiling fan hanging in the Super Dorm) Also, the single lamp hanging from the bottom of the fan in the living room didn't throw much light - we do a lot of crafting in the living room so we wanted to make sure that the new fan would provide adequate lighting. The new ceiling fan, with it's three individual lamps, casts more than enough light and then some. It's bright know when Jesus comes to pay you a visit and he's just standing in your doorway with all this white light is pouring in behind him? It's like, THAT BRIGHT. The new fans not only provide a lot of light, but they also move a lot of air (the new fans have one extra blade than the old ones) and they do so's like a whisper, even on the highest speed. And the all-white finish makes the fans blend into our ceiling, unlike the eyesores that we replaced. The old fans that we carefully took down still work, so we're taking them to our local HABITAT FOR HUMANITY, where they might find new life in a new home.

So, to wrap things up...Rancho Cocoa wholeheartedly endorses HAMPTON BAY CEILING FANS if you're looking to install or replace your next ceiling fan. 3 out of 4 ceiling fans in our house are Hampton Bay. We're smitten. It's funny how a little change like that can vastly improve your quality of life...

Other than the installing the ceiling fans, Missy's parents installed a new outdoor light fixture, re-painted our mudroom door, caulked a bunch of windows, tested out paint remover and tile cleaner in the guest bath, and helped us tidy up our back and front yards in the sweltering July heat. Thanks, John and Rita, for spending your "vacation" with us! We appreciate it!

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Glue and Glitter said...

YES! We replaced our ugly brass ceiling fans not too long ago, and it makes such a difference. Yours look great!


Yay for new ceiling fans! I also forgot to mention that Missy and her dad installed solar-powered string lights in our back patio!

Missy said...

I should take a picture of our starry twinkle lights that have solar panels! They are really cute!

Thanks, Becky!