Sunday, July 18, 2010

Make Out Club

TB 2326

Exactly a week ago today, Missy and I headed out to CHAPEL HILL, NORTH CAROLINA, to attend the TEENBEAT RECORDS 26TH ANNIVERSARY show at the CAT'S CRADLE. Teenbeat is one of mine and Missy all-time favorite record labels, so of course WE HAD TO GO...unfortunately, the closest the "Teenbeat Tour" would come to Georgia was North Carolina, so we booked a hotel and headed out-of-state.

After we checked in to our hard-to-find hotel, we spent most of the day on Sunday exploring downtown Chapel Hill. I was having so much fun that I neglected to take a lot of photos (luckily, Missy remembered to take TWO of her own cameras this time - so expect her to supplement this post with even more images). Before the show, we hit up a TACO TRUCK just outside the Cat's Cradle for some last-minute nourishment. Missy demonstrated her inexperience with exotic mexican street food:

TB 2264

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Now, I could go on for hours talking about the impact Teenbeat had on my formative years and how spine-tingling exciting this show was for me, but I'll save myself the embarrassment and just post a few blurry images and video...Teenbeat head honcho, Mark Robinson, and Patrick Bryant (music director of WMBR 88.1 FM and host of radio show "SUBJECT TO CHANGE") kicked off the festivities with a little skit, announcing the line-up for the show, including the much-anticipated reunion of Teenbeat's flagship band, UNREST...

TB 2268

Vancouver, Canada's BOSSANOVA warming up the crowd:

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TB 2276

We were all treated to a short-but-sweet surprise performance by COTTON CANDY, the new band fronted by Mark Robinson and Evelyn Hurley of BLAST OFF COUNTRY STYLE fame...

TB 2278 from Raoul de la Cruz on Vimeo.

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TB 2282 from Raoul de la Cruz on Vimeo.

An amazing set by TRUE LOVE ALWAYS:

TB 2289

TB 2293

In addition to announcing each act, SUBJECT TO CHANGE read excerpts from the SOMERVILLE SPEAKOUT, a public "soap box" of sorts from a local newspaper...

TB 2299

The night closed with an electric set from the newly re-formed UNREST...they played most of their hits and some oft-overlooked gems with some hypnotic minimalist indie rock jamming in-between. The last time I had saw them play was in a little club in Los Angeles and STEREOLAB opened for them...I don't even know how long ago that was...but the band was just as tight and exuberant as they were back then...

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Despite the late night, we forced ourselves to get up early so we could explore Chapel Hill a bit more before our six-hour drive back home...

TB 2327

Before hitting up all the shops and sights, we grabbed some breakfast from the WEAVER STREET MARKET - an awesome member-owned CO-OP in the Carrboro section of Chapel HIll. We ate under the shade of trees just outside the market and watched little birds scavenge for early morning scraps of food...

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TB 2341

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We stopped at Chapel Hill's CHILL and got some sweet sweet ice-cold BUBBLE TEA before we hit the road. On the way home we stopped at a rest stop just past the SOUTH CAROLINA border...we got to pee, stretch out our legs, and learn a few things about the "Palmetto State"...

TB 2353

TB 2352

This quilt panel reminded us of the little CAROLINA WRENS that like to nest in our enclosed porch...

TB 2354

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