Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Candy Swap!

Candy from the United Kingdom via Gemma!
My friend Gemma and I just did a Candy Swap! Here are the lovely candies she sent to me all the way from the United Kingdom! Oh, there was also a Crunchie, which is a favorite of mine, so I ate that first. I have been trying to "savor the flavor" and take my time trying them. I think next will be the Cadbury Dairy Milk or Freddo for sure. Freddo!

Bonjour -
Gemma is a fabulous artist, one of my favorites! Here are some adorable postcards she also sent with this package.

Postcard by Gemma Correll. Reminds me of me and Nilla.
This one reminds me of Nilla and me! Up next - Tea Swap and other sachet drinks!

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