Sunday, July 18, 2010

More Chapel Hill Travels

Chapel Hill visit.

Sugarland bakery in Chapel Hill.
Like Raoul said in the previous post, we went to Chapel Hill last weekend. We hit up downtown first and had a sweet dairy cool off at Sugarland, a very cute bakery.

Sugarland entryway - cake mosaics!

Sugarland bakery.
Sugarland is as cute form the outside as it is on the inside! We looked at all the cute cupcakes and gelato, before ordering gelato to cool off from the summer sun.

Gelato at Sugarland.

My banana and choco gelato.
I chose chocolate and banana and Raoul had coconut, I think. All the flavors were yummy.

My cuppy from Sugarland - "to go"! So cool!
I also tried a cupcake the next day and I got it to take home. Here it is in the "to go" container! I thought that is really cool! It did get a little damaged from the bumpy car ride home and the hot weather. But that cuppy was still very good the next day!

Locopops 9
We also had Locopops. Locopops are hand crafted gourmet popsicles that come in flavors, such as cherry pomegranate and grapefruit basil, which are the flavors we had. I am inspired now to make my own fancy popsicles! They are very good!

True Love Always 11

Unrest 21

Unrest 18

Unrest 17
Later that night we went to see Unrest and they were soooo good! They played a lot of my favorites, like "Suki," "Cherry Cherry," and "Capezio Bowler." It was also nice to see Cotton Candy!

Janice and me after the Unrest show!
It was also super to see our friend Janice who lives in Seattle! Here we are outside of the hotel where we saw a kitty and a bunny at this late hour! What a great night!

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