Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Slow Rowboat Goes Gently Down The Stream

SLOW 2824

Tomorrow night, this Monday, I'll be performing with my new band, THE SLOW ROWBOAT, at the FLICKER THEATER & BAR in downtown Athens. We'll be performing with a band from Indiana called HUSBAND & WIFE, and local friends BICYCLES & GRAVEL. The show will probably start about 9pm - with us going on first - and it'll be 5 bucks. This show will be The Slow Rowboat's first public apprearance, so it's gonna be really special or really horrible, haha! We were asked to play the show just a couple of weeks ago and managed to get in a few practices, which turned out pretty good. And if we can squeeze in one more practice before the show tomorrow night, that'll be even better.

The band consists of me on rhythm guitar and vocals, JAY HENRIQUES (ex-Gemini Cricket) on lead guitar and ukulele, and IAN RICKERT (ex-Nana Grizol and my bandmate in Folklore) on percussion. We play mostly acoustic old-timey lo-fi indiepop swings from crooning jazzy torch songs to country-western to K Records-style folk pop. Come check us out if you get a chance and come celebrate St. Patrick's Day early!

SLOW 2834


Anonymous said...

If possible, try and setup some sort of recording device so we can all enjoy the show


Yeah, wasn't possible. I didn't even take good pictures!